LIFE STYLED by The SOUL’s Desire

What do you say!!!! Do you want to learn how to style life’s tangled mess into the life meant for you? SMILE* HARMONIZE* INHALE* FOCUS*TRY

Chose to live a healthy style, filled with things that help keep your body, mind, spirit TRUE to YOU!

SHIFT is a tangled mess of all things that help me through adversity, imperfection and difficulty! My life is filled with messiness  but these tangles work me to find the better path. Cognitive interventions combined with passion are key to leading the life you desire.

SHIFT was the one thing I needed in my life from the start, but it took me years to discover. My purpose now is to guide you into your own adversities and struggles to help equip you to take meaningful action to make a positive change. If you have been through dissarray, trauma, or feel emotionally lost, SHIFT was designed to relight your pathway. Writing, speaking, and creativity are conduit to in my guiding to help you get to the life you aspire.

This modern styled brand will offer you wellness advice from me as an NP, and discoveries I achieve about fashion, fitness, photography and fun (design, jewelry, books, food, wine, travel). Through these mediums I explore our mental health and share in this online world, the tools, and secrets, to set your own life on fire.