SHIFT, How did it become a start?


SHIFT: smile*harmonize*INHALE* focus*Try

I hated my path, and all the obstacles were clear, I was stuck years in my past, with pain  so clear. There it was, a message to SHIFT, and it opened a door, I never envisioned as a gift once more.  You see, I learned that we all can be, lead to a place we never once  dreamed or could foresee

BUT THE BEAUTY IN IT ALL NOW, IS THE ability of resiliency.

SHIFT now represents many new things for me:

  • Forced to a path unchosen, Focused to Try
  • Dare to be you
  • Out dream your fear
  • Shift your perspective, shift your life
  • Shift your mind, and the body/and soul shifts too
  • Shift once more and find the extraordinary
  • Shift now, shift you, shift for life, and shift your life
  • Shift to find your authentic self
  • Believe in your Courage to shift
  • Shift into the world unknown, and let it make magic for you
  • A parallel path, leads you to your destined path
  • Be different, find the life for you
  • Smile often, harmonize daily, inhale deeply, focus intently, and thrive to revise but always try!
  • Shift forward, shift your Fight, and always remember, you have 5% more!
  • It’s a social, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual shift
  • Shift from reactivity, to creativity
  • Shift struggle with success
  • Shift why you can’t to why can’t I
  • Be moved by your hard experiences, Shift from the lesson learned!
  • Be in the now, and be prepared to try!
  • Shift your life design, life your way is waiting for you

Vision: Emotional resiliency to sustain a happy, healthy, adjustable life for all!  It is to see change as a Perspective of opportunity, not merely as misfortune.

SHIFT IS A LIFESTYLE, built by you, for you, to withstand everything that life brings you!

Shift Is your reminder, Your personal life manual to building your better path,  designed for you, by you, no matter what influences you!

Shift is a contingency plan to design your desire to live a parallel life, always willing to go and let go! Once you decide what your soul wants you will be directed to an authentic life, waiting for you.

The vision is to grow an ever Growing brand that impacts the lifestyle of those that display and wear their past, present, and future as a symbol of strength, determination, and the courage to heal , grow, and go forward once more!  Not only will the symbol create harmony in the lives that SHIFT, but more so, an adventure to the greater unknown!

Let’s spread the message to shift past your fears, shift past your difficult past, and allow you to break open from here. SHIFT into a beautiful world waiting for you, and allow your past to strengthen your future!


  •  40% Smile, harmonize, inhale, focus try
  • 30% of what you do to eat and exercise to stay well:
  • 10% is how you laugh& live out Loud (Instagram, imagery)
  • 15%: is to be right here, right now (FACEBOOK, A mindful life: enjoying your entire journey)
  • & remember the 5% MORE: You have what it takes! KEEP going,

One day, there it was, a little internet note that spoke a little more to my soul “Do more of what makes you happy” (November 24th); It sparked me to begin appreciating small pleasures happening day after day (coffee, family, friends, dreaming, writing, and listening in), and there it was, SHIFT was born.


  • YOUR WEAK, and stuck!
  • Blame other people: Stuck on being the VICTIM
  • Rationalize and deny
  • Don’t Think Ahead
  • OR PERHAPS: YOU EMPHASIZE ONLY ON keeping the Focus on the problem.
  • And one of my favorites: YOU Wait to get started until tomorrow.

SHIFT allows hard messages of reality set in to help you get real for you! To reach a destined path, you must be willing to get strong, stop making yourself a victim, begin accepting your part and responsibility, Focus on a solution, and most importantly, BEGIN, living life with the willingness to SHIFT in!

ADVERSITY is inevitable, but resiliency is optional!

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A moment to understand

I am going to move a bit deeper now into life unsettled- ever watch someones mood change so drastically for what seems like- no particular reason? So fast so powerful it just makes no sense at all?

Take a moment and critique something for me- Imagine back to the last time you faced overwhelm? Perhaps it was a sudden life change- a significant loss- or a sudden overload of responsibility- remember that moment now as I take you deeper into the world of someone who has disequilibrium in their mind

Health: Good morning” “how was your rest?!

Illness: good- ummmm I have to do my reading- where’s my coat- I got in trouble yesterday for not wearing my snow gear- where was my gear why didn’t you send it

Health- so sleep was good?! are you hungry? Your coat was there- in your bag, remember?

Illness- don’t look at me like that your stupid

Health- hey, why are you being so irritable

Illness- I hate you – I hate this day your the worst/

Take your self back now to that moment you recalled about feelings of overwhelm-?! Imagine now, just for a second, those feelings being alive in your mind all the time- minute by minute- day after day- never getting to go away.

Life is exhausting and perhaps we really aren’t fully understanding what it is to experience mental illness- we can’t just suite it up to changing our attitude/ it is more- much much more!

I am writing this today to tell you, especially if you suffer, that I understand. –

I am writing this today to tell your loved ones- I understand

– being affected by mental illness affects us all

Let’s create a nation of understanding- let’s share our experience and learn just a little bit more about our stories

Whether it’s you- or someone near you- it influences every one of us- in some way.

We must stop believing we can wish it away- we must step up- learn about our mind- and take initiative in keeping our minds well-

Once we understood that its real- we can then begin better managing our pain- our struggle and finally, our overwhelm.

This beast is an epidemic and it’s impacting us all – take a stance- take responsibility and let’s make a change! Share your knowledge- you just never know who’s listening –

Help Instill a helping hand- we all need to connect together and do are part!

Trapped inside a snow glob

This morning, as I was carrying on about my normal “Declutter the backpack” routine, I found a little booklet of writings, that caught my attention! My son loves to draw, but here were a few writings, so I took a few minutes with his collection and read through! After a good flip through, I again found myself back to this piece – If I were trapped inside of a snow globe… something about his words resignated with me, but none the less, I carried on, dumping the booklet into the recycle bin and carried on!

It wasn’t until I was sitting with a young girl that all of a sudden the analogy came to me! A young lady came in today, struggling this past three years with unmanaged anxiety and depression! Her life seems to be yo-yoing back and forth, and she simply isn’t breaking free!

As we sat talking, and building a trusting relationship, this story just sorta rolled out of me! I believe it was meant to be seen today- to help someone else understand mental health a little more clearly in a way she could relate in some way!

You see, for those living with an anxiety disorder, staying extremely comfortable becomes a feeling of necessity- any change to routine, any risk of rejection, or worse, any chance at failure, can send someone with anxiety into a panic state- panic can then spiral into hopelessness and a mental breakdown!

What happens to us as people, when we stay in one place? What happens when we get comfortable and avoid learning to deal with change? What happens is we stop living with intention, and we get lost in despair along the way!

Eventually we will have to break free and face the realistic challenges along the way! When we don’t, we become snowmen, who eventually melt or blow away!

Social isolation can feel safe And familiar , but more, it begins to feel lonely which leads to further difficulty once more!

Sometimes a little time in isolation can feed the soul, it can give us time to think, dream or free our soul-

what happens thou if we stay there too long? eventually anticipation heightens and we use the sticks , or what ever it takes to break our safety glass!

So today, consider this message , written by my eight year old son! A globe can feel safe, secure, fun and fulfilling but eventually you will feel suffocation, and you will need to find your way to break free-

( or …. give up, take his clothes and experience the globe with a slight variability)

I left this with a young girl today: a snow globe eventually loses its beauty, sometimes the water seeps way, leaving a lifeless shelf decoration! Use your strengths, be creative, but please, break open slightly, it will change everything, you wait and see! Life is meant to have challenges, we are destined to feel fear, without these things we will never grow and reach deeper into our true soul!

Dashing into something new – it’s how you discover yourself just a tad bit more!

Christmas time is a time of giving- and more- appreciating the small things in our lives that make the most impact!

I have three children, two of which are currently enrolled in elementary at Central Park! Every year, at Christmas time, the school staff and several community residents and volunteers offer time, and donation to help develop an annual Christmas store for the students to shop for their loved ones!

This year, my daughter in grade one, found a gift she felt was absolutely perfect for me, and with her quarter in hand she made the purchase, and the wonderful volunteers helped the students see their gifts to wrap! Numerous times, Kalayha came to me,gleaming with excitement over the gift she could hardly wait to share!

Finally Christmas morning arrived and it was time to open the package, to discover a wonderful opportunity inside!

My daughter bought me a Christmas novel, and just knew how perfect it would be over the Christmas season!

Lately I haven’t had tons of Novel reading motivation but I knew this gift meant it was time to settle in a little deeper, into the world of imagination and relaxation!

I found a few minutes over the course of Christmas Day, and found myself relaxing in for a quick chapter that soon turned into two and then, again a few more! This novel had me drawn in, and I was hooked!

I finished this fun little story and I couldn’t help but share the opportunity it presented for me! My daughter helped me discover something new, something I didn’t know how much I would enjoy, until the opportunity presented itself for me to read a simple romantic novel!

That’s just it! I talk about shifting our minds frequently but am fully aware that we often get stuck in pattern of familiarity! Today my daughter reinstalled an opportunity to discover more about me I didn’t quite know! Next time something comes your way? And you simply do not know, withhold your judgement, and allow yourself the freedom to discover just a little more about yourself- who knows what doors will open when you take that step forward and try and learn a little bit more!

Happy holidays, and cheers to a wonderful year of transition yet to come! It’s your year to smile, harmonize, inhale, focus and try!

Love from Tara

Failures and challenges build your to-do list

My opportunity had arrived, and I took the chance to Try! I have been dabbling in photography since I was 9 and felt by now, perhaps I could try to come alive! Over the weekend I dove into Santa photos,for a community outside of home, as an opportunity to shift my life design! I always wanted to blossom my photography so I took the challenge on, and made it my mission to learn a little more into the real world of photography indoor! I was already nervous in reaching past my comfort zone, as I’m familiar with portrait and outdoor photography alone! Not so much indoor, not mini sessions galore, and not used to taking images and printing on site! Today I explore how simple pleasures can be taken away with technological factors. Today I learn that photography is fun to explore but oh so much more! I learned that you simply don’t know what you don’t know until you know!

Friday had come and it was time to set up for the weekend of fun! The van was loaded down with Christmas props- and backdrops- all for the new experience of indoor mini shots!

Then, the excitement all started to fade as I began the adventure of set up that day! How do I open the stand for the backdrop? How does this backdrop stay straight? How high should I put this?! Oh gosh how’s the lighting on stage?! Soon my thoughts were cluttering up- Where is JON? I’m in panic mode already all with something simple as the backdrop!

With some deep breaths I reminded myself that I have what it takes, nothing comes easy for goodness sakes!

Indoor photography- do I have what i need? I’m starting to doubt myself- as time is taking the lead! My first shoot begins just after two, I only have an hour to work my way through! Creating an indoor winter theme- is not just easy- what can I do to make things less cheesy?!

Simplicity is the answer to creating a scene but wait, what do I do to work in new theme?! Taking images indoors is not like outside no free standing spaces to use as background!

There’s just something missing from this “created winter theme- ” snow is crucial to winter wonderlands- Wait – I know, I have bags of marshmallows on hand!

There, I nailed it- I have what it takes- my scene is ready for my first mini takes!

Just from set up- I learned a lot -lighting, backgrounds, scene set up and what not!

As I was setting up my next ponder arrived, how Are six people going to fit in and jive? I can’t stress now- cause soon they would come- we have to make do and create illusion of fun!

So here’s are my tips From the actual photo shoot-

– Marshmallows our sticky
-Families our large

– external flashes need power to survive

– move here- smile- you must take charge- have poses in mind if u wanna survive!

– I’m looking to create several scene pics- all with a unique family twist!

-No two families behave in the same – some let loose and some mundane!

Then come the Santa photos – my day must move on, time to learn print on site – what could go wrong? Year after year the printer idea just works- why not today thou this is Bazurk! It must be the Sd cards I bought them on sale- so off to the Source two new cards -“let’s hope that works! “No image on media” again flashes again- what the hell do we do now/ the photos Must begin!

Santa and Mrs Claus sit patient that day- as kids and families align the hallway!

Let’s just take pics- we ll print when we’re done- so let’s change the way business is done!

We adjusted our process and made the day move on- it wasn’t so fun with the problem still unresolved!

Finally Santa day is completed day one- off to the kiosk to print off the fun! “No images on media” again flashed our way- and soon panic set in again today! I don’t know what more can be done- it’s late and I’m headed home- I m just done!

Shooting in Raw interferes with instant print – who knew? Now to convert and move past the to do! I managed to sort out the conversion to print- finally Santa photos in hand and it’s 1 am!

I’m going to bed- as day two will come fast – there’s not many hours for chillin and relax!

A photo shoot is work you’re up and you’re down you’re creating and posing, your spinning around!

My first day was hell but I learned a lot in one day- I’ve shifted a lot and made room for new ways!

Then it arrived- it’s 7 am- Again- I’m ready to go- to take on new flow!

I’m shooting in JPEG as I need less stress in the day- so refueled with sd cards and off to something new!
But guess what I did in yesterday’s caos of the day- I forgot my Nikon charger so battery might give!

I drove in early to charge the camera in time- let’s let the adventures of a new day shine!

Five mini sessions and 250 Santa day memories were made- my weekend is over and I feel maybe I’m not fit for this trade!

A little rest was crucial it did me some good- now for editing – oh how should?

Photoshop has been a part of my past but despite three courses I still feel that I’m lost! I am taking my time and learning to be okay -not knowing ain’t easy -but hey everything starts with a dream! I’ve jumped in and “have to learn it this time” – there’s no time like today to practice and blur lines!

Next comes my final learning opportunity I can’t pass- how do I get the images to my clients at last?’

Photography is not easy it’s definitely a trade- please learn from me the hidden mistakes that I have made ! In order to grow you must take on the risk- soon your don’t knows builds into a list!

The smiles and laughter reminded me of why – I took this challenge to grow my self- I needed to try!

Doing life Differently, since you went away!

“The bags were put on the bus today”, and from that moment on, I sat waiting by the phone, for that early 5:30 phone call that I knew was soon to come, “You have a Parcel here for pick up” he’d say, And with that, I knew soon, the bus had come! Those bags of clothes, were the start of us, it was the beginning of how I idolized her stuff!

Dawnlee was my ‘older’ cousin, who paved my way into the being I am today! From fashion, into fun, into laughter, and sun, Dawn was the girl who paved my personality from early on!  Back roads were essential, music was crucial, laughter was an accessory, and moments were essential to embed into memory!!  She Reminded me, that life was meant to be lived loudly,  and expressively, with happiness and personality!

“Were coming to visit in late May” we’d say, and soon ideas would flow, plans would connect us to go, and we knew that no trip out to see Dawn in BC would ever be wasteful!  Although normal day to day sights were nothing for her, she ensured they were prioritized and explored- an attribute that she always performed, was putting others experiences ahead of her own. Hospitality, entertainment, and a willingness to go, Dawn always helped our trips to simply flow!
I remember the summers I stayed with her, I was just still so young, I had my first exposure to boys and kissing fun!  We’d skip across the road, to play with boys’ with accents at the park, and I remember that moment I felt love and that first spark!

Truth, dare, double dare, and promise to repeat, there wasn’t a dull moment, oh how I wish I could repeat.  From my first kiss to times of first beer, I knew I was safe, because Dawnlee was near! 

From Summers in BC, to times during my university, from the young life in my twenties, to now again in my thirties, My years were so blessed with your energy and ways’, How have we gone a year without you, any ways?!

Dawn, this tribute is simply for you, to know that your still with us in lieu.  My memories are cherished, and there are numerous to explore, so today, I sit and remember you some more.  I wish things went different, I wanted it that way, but god had a need, and waved you in, a year ago today.   

I miss Keith, and the dogs, and the way things were, I miss you, and I, and our many laughing hauls! I know your here, close to my heart, I feel you often, and know your guiding our part!  We will keep going here, and do life different now, but know there hasn’t been a day that your name hasn’t glistened aloud!

Your mom is okay, she’s close with my momma now, She’s learning to do life completely different somehow!  Her strength is beautiful, but I know that you see,  She’s been so helpful, and working on new dreams.  I know she misses you, and wants’ time to go back, but unfortunately she can’t so she is keeping on track.   Your sister and brother are keeping life moving their way, all very different since the day you went away.  Your nephews, are well, Im certain they miss you, they are all learning life challenges knowing your guiding them through!

So for today, I  want you to know, the tears I have shed are for memories alone!   Those days were fun, they encoded our lives, you designed pieces of our soul, and for that I want you to know,  We are us today because you were there, so thank you Dawnlee for the lessons’ you shared.  

You’ve allowed me possibility to bloom into me, and I know that this letter will help you to see, we miss you today, and have for a year, but we thank you instead for the memories we share! Love you Dawn, And keep reminding us to live, to exercise adventure, and opportunity to give!  Your lessons are here, we think of them each day,  because you embedded them in such a powerful way!  

Love you Dawn, 

    Your cousin, Tara

Content in simplicity

Shopping, walks, a wine at dinner time, hot tub, a book store- need I say more?

I had a wonderful plan to take this trip all in- to learn but more to have time to explore! A chill occurred and soon body aches, wait what is this, there’s no time for sickness today!

Off to the hotel to rest off the chills- soon I’d be okay- there’s box stores and deals!

I found a break in illness as I lay, so I decided To push through and try shopping for the day- after an hour or two I had nothing left- I soon found myself wandering back!

In for the night at five after six – Tylenol, and tub, soon this will shift! After a full night of not feeling okay- I managed to scrape myself into the conference anyway!

I have been slowed but have trouble to stop- there’s places to go I wanted to shop.

I wrapped up the conference after day one- it went well – a full learning day done!

I made my way out again, into the street, and suddenly I was awake and experiencing something neat! The noises of trains, a local trying to find something to eat, pitter patter of running, the sounds of late feet! Through laughter and yelling, and sounds of construction ahead- i knew it was an opportunity brought to me instead!

The crisp warm breeze was everything I’d need, so i walked a bit slower and payed focus a little closer!

The smells of cool air crossed through my senses, the sights of busy people reflected in presence- I am here and I am fully aware- and for this I felt I must share! I am alive, and I have some time, I can slow down, and do nothing this time. Wow is that ever something new for me- and with that I felt different – content in simplicity! I am alone, and I am alright- I am richer with this moment in sight- today I will take the day just as it comes- no further expectation- as I learned to have none! Change is not easy but if your open to see, there’s beauty and life and possibility!

Today is day two- I’m waking up feeling a little more renewed, I will take it as it comes, and be still as I need to!

Birthday gratitude

Hello to everyone of you who take a few moments to read these tiny messages that may, help in a small way to shift your life today!

I woke up surrounded by love this morning! Actually I woke at 3 am, and it took a lot for me not to wake for the day- and here’s what had me excited!

I was lent a book from a friend, who thought “just maybe” it would be one that would settle me in! Within one page I was hooked and I’m eager now to comply to the end!

My husband awoke me, holding my favourite – a coffee with cream- a simplicity – but yet so much more, a novelty!

Oaklyn arrived first, she crawled in to lay along side of me, breathing softly, and whispering I love you mommy!

Kalayha came shortly behind- excited because it was moms birthday time! Her energy spilled in and soon it was an entire household ready to celebrate with me- cause it’s my birthday!

Ashur, joined us next- excited to pass a small gift- proud of the secret he did not give away!

Then came this……A morning breakfast bliss!

So many lovely gifts all before leaving home- from mom, Aunty, gramma, and the loves living within my home!

Let me touch on the messages that began piling in “all in which began way before 6 am!”

What’s next I thought –already feeling so greatful for everyone and then – came a friend with pumpkin spice latte and a warm scone!

All the little things truly have made my day- all cause it’s my birthday-

Gratitude for everything, and a reach out to another is truly what matters!

Thank you to my readers, family and friends, for taking this path to shift my heart in, your outrageous pour of wishes has my heart simply adored!

Cheers to other libras out there celebrating your birthday! May today bring gratitude toward all the small things -they truly are what matter!

A gift of a lifetime

If you could give your children 5 gifts that they can carry throughout their lives, what would they be?

The first gift I would give them is the ability to SMILE (A positive perspective and happiness); Smiling and happiness are essential skills to learn, especially during times of difficulty!  Seeing the positive side of life, is a crucial skill, that can help a child remain positive in themselves, even through adversity.

The second gift I want to give my children: is the ability to find harmony in this craze of life.  More and more demands are placed on our lives to succeed, with greater good.  We are made to “ use our time wisely and effectively” which has us driven toward a “DO more” in this life, approach.  I know that relaxation now a days is a skill we often use less and less, and I want to remind my children the value of living a HYGGE lifestyle, with a mindful watch on living life in balance, of mind, body, and spirit.  To allow time for boredom, and relaxation!

This brings me to the third gift I want to offer my children: the skill of Inhalation.    Taking deep breathes is a natural remedy that can calm both our hearts and racing minds.  It can allow us time to internalize ideas, and to just be, alive in this moment in time, to know that we are okay, in this moment, and are anxieties and struggles, are not who we are. 

The forth gift, is one that I have struggled a lot with in my own life, and believe that is why, it is a focus of a life gift: the ability to Focus on what it is you want to achieve.   We can become so engaged in something, without realizing we are so far off our parallel path, to our destined path.  I want to instill focus into my children, so they can clearly identify their own life goals, and visions for their future.  Giving them a broad focus, can allow them to recognize the small steps they must take to get them closer to their soul’s desire.  Focus also gives my children the ability to look within, and focus on what they wish to achieve, and narrowing down a plan, utilizing the strengths they already harbor deep within.  Find your ‘individual strengths’ and focus on how to use these to get you closer to what you wish to achieve. 

The fifth and final life gift I hope can rest within each of my kids, is the ability to Try.  Life is a journey of uncertainty, and the best opportunities often reside in what we have not already discovered about what we love and need in this life.  TRY all things new, as they come your way, and your life will be filled with an abundance of potential and opportunity!

The ability to SHIFT our life design, is crucial to enhance the living of life we have.   We have the ability to create any possibility in this life, and I believe if I could gift these essentials to my children, to their friends, and to the friends of their friends too, the world could be filled with a collective of positivity, to adapt, grow, and live this life through!

Take a moment now, what gifts do you wish to instill in children surrounding YOU? Leave a comment, and share the positive skills you hope to instill!


 lifetime gift.jpg