I’m just a girl with a passion for finding her way!!!!.

SHIFT and I collided after I too discovered a need for change! What started as a tool to mindfully redirect a thought has evolved and continues to build upon a blog!

At SHIFT, We share stories of growth and resiliency, tips for health, we build upon lessons and basically share the wisdom to someone else!

My goal here is to be a source of FREE inspiration and NOT a BRAND for competition!

I am a licensed Canadian NP (Nurse Practitioner), certified Fitness instructor, zumba and pound fitness ambassador, a mindfulness motivator, High five leader , and a believer in functional medicine!

My mission is to shift you toward resilience and recovery by assisting you to discover the deeper exploration of the root cause effects complicating lives these days!


I began training with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) in 2020 and will continue to strive to complete certification in functional medicine.  My career as a Registered Nurse began in 2003 after earning my degree! In 2008 I completed my training and began working full time as an NP along side many heroic medical professionals from physicians and NPs to team work with several other heath and community disciplines!!

I am a daughter- a friend- a wife- a mother- and a Health care provider! I am also a fitness leader, mental health advocate, a photographer, writer , and dancer, and I want to help shift a nation back to wellness!

I know a lot about ADHD and and anxiety and I believe that with the right tools we can be everything!

Are you interested in digging in a little deeper with me, to discover ways to heal your wellbeing?! Are you ready to push through the mental noise and begin seeing your authentic self again?! Are you ready to be the things you have not been, hidden within your timeline, the matrix of your being?

Lets move into the fear – and change the way we live from here!


Im a brunette who loves Hair makeovers

My Go to stress reliever: Time alone in my tub

The smartest Advice I have ever received:  Be brave and try

The thing I value most about Others: Confidence and Bravery

The fun Stuff: Music and Dance

You can find me here, and over there on instagram (tararudy_shift) and podcasting – https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/shift-your-life-design/id1387842107


I have realized in this life, that no one can shove and push you to change, you must be the one to find this space! With all that, I began growing for me, taking in and learning what life looks like with possibilities!

My purpose is the teach and educate souls, who feel a bit lost too, to return to a new path that can awaken them to their whole!

It is all connected- Out perception, experiences and what we take away from it!