Everyday habits

1. Heightened by the experience of cut flowers as they can provide energy and reduce anxiety 2. An adventure spender-it widens happiness in comparison to materialistic spending 3. Be proactive- supplement with the sunshine drug- vitamin D start 1000ug today! 4 mindful on how much time u spend on Facebook- 5. Be Present – see … More Everyday habits

When you receive Q’s that triggers advice

Hey guys!  I am always learning how to handle crucial conversations, especially when the conversation is seeking advise through adversity  or personal struggle.  I have been learning how to build a habit of curiosity, in replace of giving tips on how to handle the concerns of others.  It is easy to offer advice, or validation … More When you receive Q’s that triggers advice

Chemicals involved in Emotion

DOSE DOPAMINE:  behaviour; Striving Emotions; Anticipation and cognition:  Pleasure&Reward OXYTOCIN: Socialization Pleasure: A dose released with closeness and touch SERATONIN:  Appetite, Arousal, Mood, Sleep:  think about “HANGRY” ENDORPHINS: Epinephrine and Norepinephrine:  Balances our stress response: Fight&Flight Other Chemicals and their Mood Effect Cortisol:  TOO MUCH stress releases too much Cortisol Glutamine:  Cognition, learning and Memory … More Chemicals involved in Emotion