The subconscious dream

A terrifying awaking August 8th has me reflecting about how powerful the subconscious mind truly is.  Awakened to tears with a heavy chest,  i lay there pondering the intense emotion of fear as i come to realize i was asleep.  There it was, the subconscious mind asking me to make a Shift.  The death dream is a difficult one to feel, and to interpret what the meaning underlying its presence could be.   Im quickly drawn to google the topic to discover the ailment of possibility.   I sat for a while, feeling the grief of the experience, and realized it was an accumulation of my studies on Shifting the mind.  I could see the experience as a literal fear, or I can consciously interpret the reality of it, as it was only a dream.   It allows me to accept the current state of my relations with others, and helps me see there is room to get closer and improve the connection with the people living around me.  It also allows me to understand that I can close one chapter of perception and allow the experience to nurture a new perspective of someone dear.  The intensity in the emotion today, was enough to get me started.  It also helps me remain mindful of the uncertainty of possibilities that lie ahead.

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