Imagine Angles

Shiftyourlifedesign on Instagram!!!


imagine life with angles began as a project a friend/ coworker and I thought could be used toward creative expression to explore perception and self-discovery . Through socialization, discussion, and photo critique, we were able to explore what makes each of us unique. WE all have a unique perspective on life, and Imagine life with angles captures the idea using Photography. I generally use my instagram  to capture images that display a unique perspective of the ordinary!

Images can capture much more than what meets the eye, they can unravel a better  understanding of  your typical thought patterns!

Photography shows us that Life truly is a mirror, try learning to let go of opinion and find an alternate exception!

In other words, there is no correct way to interpret imagery, as there truly is no way of correctly interpreting lives and situations!

We are each built with a unique perceive and most of us judge to survive!   Try looking through these photos and practice a beginners lense!

Therapeutic photography allows you time and opportunity to reconnect with your own inner voice and soul.  It  involves taking, analyzing and using photos for the purpose of personal growth, understanding and more!  Actively construct, explore  and reflect on images and pay attention to what comes to mind, now try going back over each and pair it with creative possibility!    If you want to learn more about yourself as a whole, try and practice this approach to learning your thinking role!

Image reading  can help with understanding your thinking traps, and by designing alternative lense perspective u can better learn to love and adapt!

My hope is that Therapeutic photography can be a technique you use, to better explore the way u view things in life and to try and discover an alternate path!

Photography is a form of meditation, which connects us deep within,  tey Looking at images without judgement for what it truly is!






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