Therapeutic Photography

Imagine life with angles began as a  project a friend/ coworker and I  thought could be used toward creative expression to explore perception and self-discovery . Through socialization, discussion, and photo critique, we are able to explore what makes us each unique.  WE all have a unique perspective on life, and  Imagine life with angles captures the idea using Photography.   We offered selective topics to capture imagry, and then the rest becomes up to the photographer.  Some topics used to date are:

  • 20141001_061644
  • color and emotion
  • reflection
  • fear
  • broken open
  • uplifting
  • new perspective

All the topics are broad focused.  In other words, there is no correct way to define any of these terms, because they should be uniquely perceived for each of us.

Therapeutic photography allows you  time and opportunity to reconnect each of you with your own inner voice and soul. Therapeutic photography involves taking, analyzing and using photos for the purpose of personal healing, growth, or understanding, whether done consciously or unconsciously. By actively constructing, exploring and reflecting on photographs by pairing it with creative writing, you are able to learn more about yourself and how you see the world.  It allows for self expression, helps keep focus on positive life experiences,  and teaches us how to see the negative ones through an alternate lens.

Emotional writing can help tie our thinking with our perception, as well as give us a voice, when all we can do is sit silent.

My hope is that Therapeutic photography can be a technique you can use for self exploration and expression.  I also hope you find the process of photography relaxing, and comforting knowing that we can change something, just by looking at it with a different angle.     Photography  is a form of meditation, that allows us to connect inwardly, but also to take life as it is, in the present moment.  Become mindful of the small details life has, and it too, can redesign a greater tomorrow.





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