When you receive Q’s that triggers advice

Hey guys!  I am always learning how to handle crucial conversations, especially when the conversation is seeking advise through adversity  or personal struggle.  I have been learning how to build a habit of curiosity, in replace of giving tips on how to handle the concerns of others.  It is easy to offer advice, or validation of a concern, but it is often not what the other person truly needs.

To Truly design an opportunity to help another, try stimulating more curiosity.  Ask more questions.  The true connection with another begins with listening to their full challenge, identifying exactly what it is that challenges the other, and find out, What do they really want from you.  Be silent, listen intently, and Let them discover their clear image of the struggle.  A helping relationship far benefits from a listener.

Finally, after discovering a clear understanding, ask the friend,  to bring it into sharper focus.  Is it a project they struggle with?  Is it a person?  Or… Is it a pattern.  Find out exactly what the focus is with the friend, and then, help them realize if they are working on something, what it is  then that they are willing to let go of  in order to move closer to a desire.    If they are saying they NEED this, What then are they saying “NO” to, This is the direction the friend must face – and it will be the commitment to getting through their true challenge.


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