Hey! How was your shift?

It’s in our everyday conversation- and for many of us we are a dual income home often faced with the challenges of shift work! A shift can be so general referring to a term in time at work- a shift thou can also be so specific- in that the details of the everyday exchange become what matter! How was your shift often results in a minimal exchange of words such as shitty-good- or maaah- usually a small description of a length of time- try and shift the way you define those past 8 hours- what would happen if we all answered that vague question with enthusiasm and hope? How was your shift- oh I had an amazing experience with a new coworker – he taught me a lot about something I too have passion about- I was able to get my hands dirty and try a neand new intervention that out poured a successful array of results- it was an amazing adventure and I look forward to what shift number 2 might bring! The mysteries in the everyday, are really in fact the essence of our lives and how we grow as beings! Enjoy your shifts- in a whole new perspective!

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