A word on cancer

I’m new to cancer- I mean I’m not new to it in that I don’t know about it- I’m new to it as in seeing a loved one significantly deteriorate and fight through her battle with it-. Meet two very important family Members :my moms’sister Lianne and my cousin Dawnlee! Dawnlee has cancer. She is … More A word on cancer

Conflict Prone?

Ever start into a conversation and without warrant it becomes heated and uncomfortable?  I have lived a life feeling this way, and as so, I have made it my mission to learn how to better improve my communication skills (which I am by far, less than expert).  I have valued in learning key features of … More Conflict Prone?

Secret to success

Dreams do come true – but ever wonder why they come more true for some compared to others? Success is no easy entity- but it is always possible! I’ve been reminded, after numerous failures, to slow down. I am an all or nothing thinker and do-er! When i am passionate about something I jump in … More Secret to success