Dare to shift

A young lady who risked a ton to find her new path wrote something very beautiful- and I could t help but ask her if I could share!

Some say I’m selfish,

Some say I’m strong.

But how do I fit u. A world I didn’t belong?

I left my life,

I left my home.

I left being a wife,

I felt all alone.

I hit rock bottom,

Then I started to rise.

I needed to be me, I needed to feel alive.

I knew when I met you,

You would be back in my life,

Even if it was so wrong it never felt so right.

I’m sorry to those who are hurting deep down, it’s not easy for me u feel the pain all around.

The choice that I made was the choice for me,in Heinz-sight I would have done things differently.

But you love who you love and I don’t apologize for that, I couldn’t stay in a life that u felt so trapped.

Live your life, and I ll live mine all I can say to my family is that all we need is time.

The hurt, the guilt, I will have to live with everyday, but I truly Believe this is my pathway.

I’m happy, I’m free

I let him and he lets me be me


The fire you burn down in my soul.

Loving you is my ultimate goal.

You are my lover , my soulmate

And my best friend.

I promise to be with you till the very end.

I see my future with you when I look in your eyes,

I want to thank you for everything you have changed my whole life.

You have taught me to be strong and. It to put up with any shit.

I tell you when you talk to much and when your full of it.

Shaelynn Dee

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