On the other side of reality

Many of us are naturally superstitious in that we allow fear to dictate our life choices.  Today is Friday the 13th, and as we are aware, the day for misfortune and ill luck.   I am excited to share with you about the number 13, as it is often meant as a curse (imagine that, think about a bakers dozen- nothing like a few extra calories cant’ fix)!  13 follows a 12, which is a known for “completeness” and as many of you are aware, 12 months in a year, 12 hours on a clock, and of course 12 beer in a case!  The theory is to not focus on anything new today!  there are numerous negative superstitions about the day itself, which I refuse to shine a light upon!  For today, find harmony in what is, Let go of all things outside our control, and be here today, however it presents for you!    If you feel negative energy today, find a way to cleanse your sole,  Inhale the good, and exhale the negative!  Add some sea salt, it helps relieve us of negative energy!  I suggest you focus on Epson salt baths, and relaxation!  Cheers to a wonderful day in harmony!superstitioun

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