A word on cancer

I’m new to cancer- I mean I’m not new to it in that I don’t know about it- I’m new to it as in seeing a loved one significantly deteriorate and fight through her battle with it-. Meet two very important family

Members :my moms’sister Lianne and my cousin Dawnlee!

Dawnlee has cancer. She is battling to stay alive as cancer slowly takes away who she once was. Throughout Her fight she learned very quickly the need for shifting! Her entire life changed the day a diagnosis or oral cancer was made! Dawns health path changed, but her strategy to remain optimistic to life remained!!

We recently made a visit to beautiful British Columbia where we spent a week living in harmony! Dawn smiled, dawn persevered through the days, making our visit warm and memorable!

I want to shine a light on her and share her story, because adversity is inevitable, struggling is optional! Keep teaching us all how to shift dawn! You have Truly smiled when tears could have came, found peace and harmony- while things worsen, you still take all our breaths away as you focused on others – in a time you deserve all the focus- and you persistently try , when I can only imagine you feel like giving up! We love you, we are hear with you- and we are all inspired by your ability to fight!

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