Shift your parallel!

My life is a whirl of opportunity! Every single day I am faced with a chance at experience! I’ve learned to fear many things along the way but now I’m waking up inside and letting fear go! Fear is typically an emotion of unknowingness!

One must allow themselves to release fear and replace it with curiosity

I have began seeing things with a new perspective to allow myself to continue growing! am moving my life forward by shifting my parallel! In order to wholeheartedly find what sets your soul on fire, you must be willing to step outside your path into the unknown!

All things new- is my newest parallel! I began a you tube channel to express my journey through shifting parallels!

All things new emotionalizes me! It shakes me up inside and gives me a natural high! I have discovered along this path- I become ecstatically energetic when a new opportunity approaches itself! Something about the thrill of designing the approach toward it, the process of beginning, and the thrill of participation all set my soul on rattle my heart deep inside!

The core to all things New must include the completion too! Endings are as essential to keeping your soul healthy for more! Often the hardest part of all things new is the most valuable, because this is where the work of you begins. There’s nothing as solid as a person who accomplishes their to do’s! A rounded life must experience both in order to truly find the path meant for you!

So, take your next path, be inspired to be more of who you dream you could be! Step away from right here and go to a place not yet fully discovered by you.

Find what sets your soul alive. Take the new parallel path, and BE ALIVE!

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