What is strength

Its an amazing thought to have, because everyone of us are powerfully strong.  I started thinking about personal strength back in the day when I was not okay, I was young, and powerless.  As I grew through many challenging adversities, I learned to focus on building my mental capacity, because, frankly I had to.  I suffered with pain , and struggled with understanding.  I lost who I was, and felt swayed into a life not chosen:  but yes, something inside of me, gave me strength, but more so, the focus to try.  I knew life had some value, and I knew there was good, even amongst the struggle.   I began understanding mental health around the time of 11, and only grew stronger mentally from there.  My journey through depression and anxiety helped me better care for my mental capacity as well. I recognized the need to need not be defeated, but rather to defeat, and find my purpose.

My physical journey began again at just being a little girl, in a world I didn’t’ quite fit in.  There was tons of wresting in the home, and we were raised to be “physically able”.  I was strong, and used my strength poorly at times, especially in my teen years when fighting was option B.  I was afraid, but not afraid enough to back away from it.  I learned to develop positive physical strength as I grew, especially after facing obesity. My mom and I adventured into weight watchers, and it was here, our daily walks and commitment to exercise began, dark early mornings, before the days sun would break

I have learned that I lose strength from time to time, mentally, and physically.  Falling away from routines that strengthen both my mental and physical spirit truly reflects my personal level of function.  I believe we are all very strong, but in many various ways.  W ithout effort, and training, both have the capacity to weaken!  strength is not a one size fits all, we all have it, and we all lose it, in a matter of moments.  The key to defining our strength is in our capacity to maintain it, when we need it the most, at our weakest moments.

2 thoughts on “What is strength

  1. I really enjoy reading your blogs and website. It gives me comfort knowing that I’m not the only one going through these certain struggles. I can relate to a lot of these issues. This makes me happy knowing that there is stuff on here that you can read and have a positive outcome. Keep sharing, Keep POSTING, Congrats to you Tara.



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