Being Present

I want to share something about me, a bit of a personal side about me. I am a recovered shop addict- I shopped for release, purchased for release, and dwelled on my spending in strain! Shopping offered me a short term fulfillment of happiness- and it offered a boost to my self esteem too! Approx 3 years ago, my life finances took a turn and it was essential I make a change. I no longer had the freedom I once thought I had, and no longer could keep at my spending the way I once did. Money became a sacred necessity for our home and I knew I needed shift.

Over a year ago I began a you tube channel for a past time Fun- likely trying to find a new addiction- but I realized I wasn’t quite an expert in any particular topic or practice, so I found it difficult to attach any shows without purpose. This past few months I again was drawn back to my channel, and and for some delicate reason I have began uploading random videos under a title- All things new- the confidence to try! It’s broad show, without a real vision as of now- but somehow I still believe I have a unique topic to share, and realized that the timing to start was now! On this page I want to inspire a nation to try- anything- that is out of their norm-

I went to a home party last night and I enjoyed the evening with some wonderful friends. The items brought forward were gorgeous and it held my interest – pulling me toward their purchase- But then something magical in me, remained free of the buy. I let go of the energy pulling me and reflected upon all things I have, all the items I need, and all the upcoming focuses for my life, and I was able to understand where I was in relation to need.

I didn’t buy yesterday- I shopped and reflected on what it was I really would value having- and for now I knew I did not need.

All things new is the courage to let go of your norms and to encourage you to step out into a world not yet known – or perhaps a world slightly different than your regular. My focus for today is to try and be present with gratitude- and to keep my mind open to a new perspective and perhaps a new possibility!

Enjoy your week!

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