Is it really about the caffeine for a child?

I needed to share a small inspiring story about a piece of my day that taught me a valuable lesson about life and parenting. Today I made a trip to my home community to final up a few details of the recent passing of my father. Being that I Was sneaking home, I had a few moments to connect with a friend who is going through some life changes, so The two of us met up at our normal gathering spot, the community clothing shop, where we did our quick browse and then it was time for her to go – as she has three young boys and she needed to retrieve them. So in order to have a little bit more chat time, we prolonged a little longer and went for dinner with her kids.

Like any normal restaurant visit the waitress asks what we each would like and we proceed with a response. We carried on made our way over to the coffee pot, to proceed with self helping with our coffees (basically you help yourself to the coffee it’s not the waitress responsibility)!

My friend grab three coffee cups and proceeded to pour the coffee when it dawned on me there was just her and I there, with 3 kidlets! What the hell are you doing? I asked

She responded Oh Cole wants a coffee too! ”

I guess a little background history – 8-6- 5 are her kids ages (Cole being 8)! I giggled and we proceeded on and she passed her son his coffee and things moved forward from there-

I watched this Little guy while we visited and it was in this moment a beautiful message Dawned upon me. I don’t even know if he took a sip of the coffee during our stay- cause last I peeked it remained full-

It made me realize how valuabe these moments truly are. She move mountains for me today in demonstrating respect and willingness to try something out of the norm. I truly reflected a bit deeper after the idea and I thought yeah what really is the damn harm in it while it was OK for her other two to sit with their pop! it was a true reflection on really looking at the reality of our risks – but more the valuable relationship opportunity that sprouted between them- by simply allowing.

Cheers to you my friend for breaking down the norms and reducing all the rules we set for ourselves. It was a true blessing and I sure enjoyed our short visit, You’re doing an amazing job and I am super proud that you realize Its never usually about the coffee at all!

This story was not about the coffee debate at all- it was about learning to give when things seem hard or wrong! Ps his coffee is black-like his mom’s- the only difference is his remained.

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