How to Lear the relationship with your goals!

I picked out some books while at the library today, and ironically I brought home two books that I perceived as something they were 99 percent not! The books, titled something about style, caught my eye, as some of you know, I have a passion for fashion! I thought when I glanced at the titles that the two books were perfect handbooks on fashion the right way so I scooped them and carried along my way! I began speed reading the pages- and it occurred to me, the books were targeted towards men learing in on new relationships- how to do it with style! !I had it in my mind- I would collect data on style- but little did I know it was about being stylish in persuading relations!!!!! My curious radar took over and I couldn’t help but find my way further through the pages- until something I value- spoke out to me-

The page was clear- we must keep toward the obstacle to come through stronger on the other side (or to get what you want- in achieving relations) Especially when it’s toward something you truly desire!

There it was- my life lesson for the day/ never judge a book by its content or cover/ there’s always wisdoms to be gained! If you discover your values- you then can discover your goals! When you discover your goals – you can clearly connect yourself with the obstacles placed in the way to achieve those goals (but you must go /through what ever is in your way- cause truly it is the right way!

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