Woah Wednesday

It seems Wednesdays are a day of transition- landing center of the work week- either to keep your focus as the half way mark- or to remind you that there is still a long way to go! Whatever way Wednesdays approach you- I have you covered! Join me as I dream up more passion to find wellness through Fashion and life!


Woah Wednesday was launched recently with little vision in mind, but slowly I’m shifting my intentions once more/ to take you into life with fashion in mind! Fashion and wellness are two congruencies that interplay amongst each other because With a good outfit- all things are possible! be boldly you as you too find the courage to unleash your inner glamour fashionista too! Mental health requires a balance of mind-body- and spirit – and my spirit sparkles when I have clothes that define!!!!!

Join me along my journey as I share inspiring tips to wear it “well”!!!!!!

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