It’s oh so true-Im Shifting too!

I was always a bit scared to take my dreams into life,  for fear of the greater unknown! What if that greater unknown was exactly what you never gained the opportunity to experience?  What if your best life was lost behind the fears?  I too struggle with the fear of the unknown, but have gained enough insight into its outcomes that for me, Im aware I must go.  I am blooming today as I take my journey one step forward! I have so many passions and life desires and this helps me understand my own Soul’s desire!    With a passion for all things new, I am shifting my life’s parallel!  Explore my new Shop, browse my webpage for mental health inspirations, and come along this path, as you too find your way through!

Shift SHOP

With a passion for Health and Mental wellness, I am moving my Shift forward!  In order to be well, we must listen to our Soul- and move towards all that it desires!

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