Facing a crisis today?

Are you facing something so difficult your having trouble understanding- why you? Why now?

Are you panicked by the discomfort- and wondering how you will survive this

Pain- this change- this awfully difficult moment?

I want to tell you- I want to reinforce for you-

It’s okay

If your going through any form of struggle or pain, just know- it’s okay.

Crisis inevitably arises- slams into us- and tries to crush you- but know, it’s okay.

Crisis is here- to serve a large life purpose

You have two choices through- to be a victim in the pain or you can use this time of darkness as a leverage to be stronger- wiser- better- someday soon.

Life is hard

Life is full of disappointment

Life is angering and frustrating and simply life is painful.

Suffering however is optional- it’s a choice. A choice you can make- a choice you can change-

You are alone- you are lonely/ and you are lost-

It’s okay! The more important piece is – you are you/ you know you- and you know

Good, happy, love and laughter- you really do.

This crisis here, this struggle you face – it hurts, but it truly is the gift of so

Something greater- growth-

Find a way to own this- right where you are- right as it is- and embrace this opportunity! Accept your pain- accept the hurt- face this challenge-

With simple steps- with love- with kindness, with music and creativity, with self care and self discipline, with simple laughter- find the courage to free yourself-

I assure you the darkness fades- and light re appears-

What your feeling is not feeling good- but let me reinforce to you- it is good.

You are meant for big things and I believe you are meant to fly/ higher than you have ever dreamed possible- believe in you, and begin, one step through one second-one moment- one day- at a time!


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