NO HARM this season!

IF we could, would you find a way to live harm free? Would you chose to live in such a way that we cause no harm in thought, speech, or action – to all, including ourselves! It truly is the highest form of love- it gives us an unconditional positive regard not only to every being but to everything!

When we seem to be in total life balance, being in control of our emotions seems to come easier for us, but when fears and stress begins to fills up our minds we lose touch with good intentions- which lead us to poor reactions!

Notice yourself next time you feel the urge to react- trace back your breathing pattern, discover your tense musculature, and recognize the thought patterns- how quickly jagged they become!

Do no harm this holiday season begins with Ourselves! The world will move on as it does, without our control, but we then get to take control! To create harmony in this life, first find peace within yourself!

Step back, witness your reactions, your body cues, then when your ready, and strong, choose to respond In loving accepting ways-

Trace back to the root of your own emotional reaction- perhaps your past frustrations and anger trigger emotional response to current strain! By recognizing your own pain and difficulty, by understanding your struggles that we’re apart of you in the past, you can better find the courage to practice healing by moving forward in a positive way!

Practicing non violence not only creates a positive peaceful world for yourself but It does so for others as well! Give the gift of peace this holiday season, after all who ever is I. The presence of peacefulness also deals peaceful!

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