Let the difficult lessons guide you!

Recently I had an opportunity to feel uncomfortable with my new shift of clothing redesigns! I found a Pinterest image I adored and welcomed it into my designs- not clearly thinking out the repercussions it would create! I want to allow my honestly to set the record straight in every which way- as I believe in accepting my faults and learning from the lessons that life creates! In this particular moment of discomfort- I realized I was perhaps on my wrong path/ and I too needed to accept that it was gods way of telling me i was heading in the wrong direction!

I made a pretty big ruckus in another artists life and for that I am sorry. After suggesting I could re design an image I found- (into the forest I go- to get lost and find my soul) I quickly withdrew its availability and allowed this failure to reset my path in the direction I was meant to go- !

I continue to believe in my passion and just know that my ignorance will be the essence of reaching further into my own souls Desire!

Thank you for your generous remarks as it was these that gave me the message to change- I am shifting forward this time, with my own creativity envisions in mind!


2 thoughts on “Let the difficult lessons guide you!

  1. Shit happens, life happens, no one is perfect people seem to always point out the negative instead of seeing the good in everyone.Good for you for fessing up and moving forward. I’m so excited for you and your website you deserve it 🙂 (Keep SHIFTING Forward)


  2. I saw the artists comment about copy right, etc but am confused as she does not own that phrase? I am finding it hard to understand the issue as the “design” is merely the phrase (which she doesn’t own) and a little tree. There are 10000s of shirts with this phrase and their own graphics.


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