Cupboards, wardrobes, drawers and More

A perfect alignment of these spaces allows us the freedom to connect freely and comfortably with our surroundings! For many of us however, we start out clean, decluttered, and organized, and then Bam, we move slightly toward our usual living and it quickly unravels the spaces once clearly designed with perfection in mind!

what is it then that allows our spaces to refuse to stay as is? As we desire? As we crave but don’t know how to go about keeping up to the catastrophe of everyday life?

Perhaps it’s more- perhaps it’s not the ineffectiveness of the space at all- perhaps it’s YOU

we create the clutter each and everyday, one simple move at a time- our usual routines, the connection of others, the certainty that life is not meant to be still!

what if thou- what if one day you found a way to live clutter free- both in your external and internal life? What if I magically have the way?

well perhaps I do? Perhaps we all do?

consider this…..consider the idea that we all create clutter in every area of our lives, especially when our energy of negativity, fear, frustration, and overwhelm begin to consume our every day!

the magic is this- Our internal and Our external worlds are Truly linked! In fact so linked that without good internal energy- our thoughts -connections-time–bodies- and our environments then begin to take shape!

If all we had to focus on was one simple solution- would you find the persistence to fix it?

i want to tell you- there is a way-

when your energy is out of alignment, it creates disengagements, fatigue, carelessness, and clutter- everywhere!

BEGIN TODAY- if something is truly not loved, not liked,  or not valued or purposeful- then THROW IT Away!

if you don’t love it- then it is your time/ to leave it-let it go completely!

we must start and clear the clutter at all levels of our lives- and guess what?! Internally is a perfect place to begin!

negative thoughts- fears- and unrealistic realities – take most of our useful positive energy that impacts all other areas of our lives- find the courage and let it go!

time clutter- think about all the things you do, step after step, day after day that fills your time? Is it value? Is it inspiring or changing for you? If not- let it go!

your relationships- are u feeling drained- lonely- fearful or disconnected- heal it or Let it go!

what are u ingesting day after day- is it toxic eats or treats? Perhaps it is a chemical stress? LEt it go

and finally- your life exterior to you- the stuff we accumulate-the items that serve no value- things we no longer love or need- let it go!

when you begin to let go- your energy will begin to shift – your blood will more gracefully flow and all your aches and strains will begin to untwine! Let it go!

The cupboard, drawers, wardrobes and more may in fact sit empty- and that is okay- Now- there will be room for more- more space to fill with positive energy from the collection within!


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