Manifest dreams into your reality

Here is the thing, inspirations are everywhere!

I’m carrying out my usual morning routine driving my son to a hockey tournament when I decided to tune in to a podcast and there it was, instant inspiration to keep going!

I began this blog earlier in 2017 with intentions of mental health in mind!

Who knew where it would go but I do l believe it is going to grow from here

Each of us has within us a certain variable of intuitions into where they want to go. listen to those intuitions it is the right path to your souls desire!

My passions are just beginning and I am excited to continually inspire each of you to find your go

As you can guess my life is absolutely surrounded by colour! The unique thing however it is I dream in black and white! Ideas come to me quickly and I just side with ideas I wish to grow and I move from there!

That’s the secret to getting closer to your intentions!!!!dream in black-and white/ it’s that simple!

As you begin moving actions towards those dreams you will then design a life of colour!

My blog is a personal adventure of sharing my deepest passions and desires for health and wellness. The Biggest lesson to a healthy life is finding your personal path! Subscribe to this blog to allow my intensions help recreate you!

When you personalize black-and-white, it is then your colour will begin to shine brightly through!

Look around, try something new! you will be surprised at what will actually inspire you!!!!!!


Shiftyourlifedesign began with good intention of mental health in mind! imagine if one small shift can lead you to your Souls Desire!

“The reality is, it truly can”

My vision is that we shift a nation toward a stronger tomorrow- my vision is we wrap around pain and help a nation heal, and we find a way to reconnect with people and listen intently deep within! I believe your heart always knows the way and believe your mind is the only thing holding you back today!

Adversity is inevitable but resiliency is possible!

Shift toward a better way- by allowing yourself to

Smile – harmonize- inhale-cloud focus – and try!

Hey check out my shift shop- let it remind you that A small start, consistently, will get you to your souls desire !

It might be small but I’m still moving closer than yesterday!

My vision is to create 1-10-100-10000- shifts and beyond- and my dream is that these tops are worn to remind yourself of where you been- and that your moving on!

Cheers to finding your parallel path- cheers to growing into who your soul wants you to become!

So what do you say……………

Because Even you will find a better “today” when you FEAR LESS!!!!!        E

So go for the stars and

BECAUSE what I have learned is …..

“Yes and Yes because Yes is more fun than NO”


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