One risk leads to a shower in rewards

Take on that thought- fulfill the impossible-

Because it is time!

We are consumed in fear – all of the “what if I can’t” , “what happens when ….., ” and all the insecure thoughts arousing about your poorly perceived surroundings!

It is time to take flight, unlock that fear-locked door, and fly!

Opening one stuck opportunity spirals you into many more- trust me! I am learning over this past year, something I already had known but constantly need relearning! Saying yes to yourself, pushes you to enjoy the high spiritual guide of somethig plenty more!

It is time to set deprivation free! It is time you step forward and see the possibilities that will shower your way, once you allow yourself to be set free!

So- here’s the thing: Let your imagination guide you to your next risk. Allow the freedom of gain take you through a journey untouched awaiting you, and then- allow the magic of spirituality shower you for an abundance of many mores!

Cheers to a new day!


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