And in an instant anger tides….

The calendar shifted to the wonder of a new day, and despite the intentions I set forward, I was Quickly hashed out by emotional rage, restlessness, and a sensation of anger – as it set in, over taking my day-

It is an inevitable cycle in time,that allows my darkest moments to cry! Instant craze sets in and I become my darkness- through day.

Woman all over the world sense an internal cry for mental fog and dysfunction yet we suffer, silently , with the over escalation of estrogen as it dominates our way.

I am writing to tell you- you are okay. You are changing, but you are okay.

Soon this time will resolve, leaving you to face the realities of rage!

Your energy returns, your personality redesigns, and soon you feel you become back as one- as you!

The reality is, some of us, have a normal hormone function- so functional it dominates our design!

Please learn about your body- and how it flows day after day! With understanding you can begin to shift your life, and find balance in the changes with time! No one can know what’s going on inside, no one but YOU! Listen, feel, track and discover the shifts that happen in you! With understanding comes hope, and with hope comes change!

I believe you.

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