If something feels unsettling – it probably is

Here I began Shift with mental health and mind but I still required more! Mind-body-spirit-

A holistic wellness essential requires a balance of it all- and so again, today I found a way to continually shift slightly! My heart craves fashion – fitness – photography and fun- and when I find a way to settle On and prioritize it- I simply find my soul freeing happiness.

Shift began as an implication to help people grow- but its also a little more as It has shaped into branding fashion with mental health in mind!

It’s giving me back my juice to create! It not only sparks me, it continually keeps me shifting in my own path- to gain a little more! I am learning about fashion, branding, marketing, media, but also about the euphoria in simple pleasures of reading writing, and craft! These are all something I seemed to have misplaced over the last several years – as I learned to become a wife, a mom, a provider and so much more!

Please, if your reading this today- find your way back in, to where your heart meets your soul- and find the freedom to begin!

Enjoy the weekend, and remember today- what makes you- uniquely you!

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