Perhaps this is the origin of it all. No not today.

Time and time again we are taught the value in saying no, and I understand there is a time we must decline.

I’m not talking about this no. I’m talking about an alternate no. The other side of no. The no that seems to keep you safe, the unimportant today no, the no that not only impacts you, but a world surrounding you.

“You never say yes to anything” – I m talking with you, and You “alone”. Your stuck there- in fear of not knowing how to manage the consequence of saying yes- the uncomfortable you, afraid to feel, afraid to be discovered, and afraid you won’t handle knowing what to do!

Maybe you don’t even notice the impact of no. Perhaps you are so consumed in your own intensity that you have yet to realize the impact this No can have on you and on the world surrounding you!

Let’s look at it differently. Your invited to a party 🎉 tomorrow “but” you are unavailable to! You have something Else you plan to do- it’s just not for you- it’s safer you don’t- you won’t/ you can’t -no thank you- but hey keep asking cause some day I will. Some day I can- some time I want to – some time I will.

Here’s the thing, I needed you. I reached out for you. I had hope in today, and I found my way through, yet again, I’m alone- as you said no. I can’t take much more of this pain.

No one won-no one.

You see-not only were you unable to become free-you impacted me, and my attempt to break free

Remember this- we encourage our friends to reach out- but what happens when they do- and no one comes through-

It can and will impact you!

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