Remain Authentic Remain YOU

A wise woman once said- remember to remain yourself in this life!

I decided I too needed to personalize my space with a touch of me! I am truly loud and free! It’s time for each of us to break free of “what others do” and start journeying back into each of us- and break the rules!

I want to inspire each of you to revision what you are doing and ensure you check in to see if your remaining authentic to who you are! Are u sharing cause you want to show the world you did it too- or are u considering your posts and sharing a story of YOU- a way that could help impact others to screw up too! It’s okay we’re not all good at it all- the most important post should be the one that shows your trying and willing to fall!

my website felt “pretty” but it wasn’t authentic to me- so I am  addressing the image and making it me!

my instagram is feeling bla-  I’m gonna share my journey- my realness- but more so the authentic raw footage of a life living free! Shifting forward and trying to smile-harmonize-Inhale- focus- and try- especially when the tide is high!

Shift your life design is about remaining free to be who your destined to be!  It is about consistently shifting your path closer to becoming authentically you- and it is about working through adversities and obstacles that try to influence you!  It is to encourage you to remain true – within you- for u, and more so, shift your life Design is designed to encourage you to be in your moments and practice finding a mindful soul! It will not be easy- and you will F it up- but life is imperfect so let’s get back up!

i am a loud spirit who loves to laugh- I am an artist who loves to create beauty out of everyday, and I am a creative spirit driven to live well- both inside and out- I adore fashion, fitness, photography and FUN, and I believe My authentic being is to be surrounded by shining a light on everyday beauty – and everyday people doing great in this world- and I am going to reach out and connect more with all of you!  I believe we must find a way to reconnect -Not only with ourselves but with our tribe of people surrounding our everyday!  The tribe that authentically resignates the realness of you!

lets reconnect with our authentic selves, let’s connect with a tribe that is good for you, and let’s find the path to each of our own souls desire/ and let’s share that- let’s post that- let’s make mistakes and share the lessons we gained!

Im  excited to live out loud from this moment on- I am not pastel – I am shine! I love gold and silver, Red, yellow green and blue and believe black is gorgeous – as well as white & tan brown too!

I make everyday mistakes and am probably the worst at handling irritability with calmness! I’m practicing my weaknesses and am willing to grow- I’m willing to admit my wrongs – but I’m not willing to pretend I’m living perfectly amongst very few!

I seem to always be against the grain- and I’m done questioning Why I seem to feel this way! I am me, and will step through norms and remain authentic and free!

i hope you too find the courage to break free! Your nerdy love of character is gorgeous for you!  Shine it out loud- and shift your way too!

Be authentic , be real, and just be proud to be you!

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