Kids these days or days like these?

It’s a lonely struggle facing parenthood with “kids these days”

– are they “kids these days” or is “days like these raising kids?”

I woke up peacefully around 6 am, sat with my self, my thoughts a good book about fate, and started off strong – comfortable, and emotionally prepared for the day to come!

My routine morning care went smooth, all up until it was time to shake wakefulness into the sleepy children within.

I began with my usually strong, kind hearted helper child- who broke down immediately, and all hell broke lose from there! She set her mood almost instant perhaps a carryover from yesterday’s fever and ill. I slowly kept myself strong and moved on to my son,shaken for what was to come. He’s a boy with aggressive tendencies , who to my surprise, responded generously kind, but it didn’t last long!

I knew I must keep going, there was still one more- I went in stretched with hope goodness would triumph once more.

The day has begun- guided by our values to provide- with good intentions to make a difference in other people’s lives- i was soon blind sighted with all three kids emotions running high-

The day must go on -we have to make our way- get dressed, brush your teeth, and fine do it your way-

Exhausted before the day even starts – I manage to wrestle all three to care and here’s how a day takes off from here!

I felt it today-the pain of life- I wanted to quit- and find a new way. Why do we struggle what’s with this fight – Success of career- – why so much hype? We aren’t allowed to be tired- no time to be sick- let’s keep surviving let’s all do this so quick-

These little people don’t want this for life- and they don’t understand why we just might! what’s happening now, in days like this? Are we mandated for others, forgetting why we live?

I fight back my tears and question again, why being a mom, a full time employee is something I do?

This mom is tired of the battles, tired of paving the way , this mom wants to check out and lay around “just for today” . With bills and expenses crippling in- we must keep moving – we must win!

I leave my three children at the care center today- hopeful they forgive me- as I make my way-

My heart is bleeding it’s wanting to quit- we re busy we’re tired- but this is life. we’re successful, we’re leaders, we’re getting it done, all our responsibilities leading to this one thought-

Is it children these days or days like these ?

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