I want you to silence the noise for a few moments

Hey everyone- I’m asking that u sit in a quiet space today as you engage in for this read to come.

I recently joined over 70 ladies In an act to learn how to ignite our inner πŸ”₯ within and I felt her message was powerful enough to spread its magic with all of you now.

She asked us that day, are you busy being you?

Let that sit in for a minute and ask yourself – are u doing what you want?

We have a soul and within our soul is our way- are u leading your life that way? Everything you need in this life is deep inside- so ask your self – are u loving life , doing it your way? your doing what you dreamed you could?

Her message clearly asked each of us to sit silently within and respond honestly from your soul-

What do you want?

What are you doing?

Is it working?

What are you willing to do differently?

So hey- why not listen in, and begin- start being bad at something until it works into you becoming good!

Build back your passion, and define your busy in a way that is igniting the πŸ”₯ within!

A message from a stranger –

Lou-Ann stefankiw

Go ahead and search her for an opportunity to participate in her 12 weeks of strengthening the mental muscle!

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