SHIFT, How did it become a start?


SHIFT: smile*harmonize*INHALE* focus*Try

I hated my path, and all the obstacles were clear, I was stuck years in my past, with pain  so clear. There it was, a message to SHIFT, and it opened a door, I never envisioned as a gift once more.  You see, I learned that we all can be, lead to a place we never once  dreamed or could foresee

BUT THE BEAUTY IN IT ALL NOW, IS THE ability of resiliency.

SHIFT now represents many new things for me:

  • Forced to a path unchosen, Focused to Try
  • Dare to be you
  • Out dream your fear
  • Shift your perspective, shift your life
  • Shift your mind, and the body/and soul shifts too
  • Shift once more and find the extraordinary
  • Shift now, shift you, shift for life, and shift your life
  • Shift to find your authentic self
  • Believe in your Courage to shift
  • Shift into the world unknown, and let it make magic for you
  • A parallel path, leads you to your destined path
  • Be different, find the life for you
  • Smile often, harmonize daily, inhale deeply, focus intently, and thrive to revise but always try!
  • Shift forward, shift your Fight, and always remember, you have 5% more!
  • It’s a social, emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual shift
  • Shift from reactivity, to creativity
  • Shift struggle with success
  • Shift why you can’t to why can’t I
  • Be moved by your hard experiences, Shift from the lesson learned!
  • Be in the now, and be prepared to try!
  • Shift your life design, life your way is waiting for you

Vision: Emotional resiliency to sustain a happy, healthy, adjustable life for all!  It is to see change as a Perspective of opportunity, not merely as misfortune.

SHIFT IS A LIFESTYLE, built by you, for you, to withstand everything that life brings you!

Shift Is your reminder, Your personal life manual to building your better path,  designed for you, by you, no matter what influences you!

Shift is a contingency plan to design your desire to live a parallel life, always willing to go and let go! Once you decide what your soul wants you will be directed to an authentic life, waiting for you.

The vision is to grow an ever Growing brand that impacts the lifestyle of those that display and wear their past, present, and future as a symbol of strength, determination, and the courage to heal , grow, and go forward once more!  Not only will the symbol create harmony in the lives that SHIFT, but more so, an adventure to the greater unknown!

Let’s spread the message to shift past your fears, shift past your difficult past, and allow you to break open from here. SHIFT into a beautiful world waiting for you, and allow your past to strengthen your future!


  •  40% Smile, harmonize, inhale, focus try
  • 30% of what you do to eat and exercise to stay well:
  • 10% is how you laugh& live out Loud (Instagram, imagery)
  • 15%: is to be right here, right now (FACEBOOK, A mindful life: enjoying your entire journey)
  • & remember the 5% MORE: You have what it takes! KEEP going,

One day, there it was, a little internet note that spoke a little more to my soul “Do more of what makes you happy” (November 24th); It sparked me to begin appreciating small pleasures happening day after day (coffee, family, friends, dreaming, writing, and listening in), and there it was, SHIFT was born.


  • YOUR WEAK, and stuck!
  • Blame other people: Stuck on being the VICTIM
  • Rationalize and deny
  • Don’t Think Ahead
  • OR PERHAPS: YOU EMPHASIZE ONLY ON keeping the Focus on the problem.
  • And one of my favorites: YOU Wait to get started until tomorrow.

SHIFT allows hard messages of reality set in to help you get real for you! To reach a destined path, you must be willing to get strong, stop making yourself a victim, begin accepting your part and responsibility, Focus on a solution, and most importantly, BEGIN, living life with the willingness to SHIFT in!

ADVERSITY is inevitable, but resiliency is optional!

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