Messing Fun up with Drugs-

I am an advocate for mental health- and awareness- but also an advocate for fun!

This past weekend yet again, was met with the tragic loss of some loved ones, someone who I knew as fun loving- passionate and more so, someone’s” son- partner, brother, dad and friend.

In a moment of Fun – tragedy struck- stopping numerous worlds – as the deadly effects of just once- took the life of a good man.

It is a dangerous time to take on a high- the drugs are no longer as they may have been- there no longer a party treat- NO- They’ve become so much more! A chemical of deadly is sweeping the nation by surprise and yet – people are still trying.

Please, know the potency is here- please stop your friends and offer them a beer!

Fun is essential in every way- but NO ONE needs to die this way!

It only takes one- so please believe it ll be you- let go of this risk, your loved ones need you!

I’m writing today not only to honour a young man- taken by the deadly secret of laced cocaine- Along with honouring all the other recent laced Overdoses occurring worldwide- more with each passing day.

– let’s help ensure our loss – these tragedies are seen to heroically saves the life of many-

It’s here , it s real, and it’ can happen to you- The loss of our loved ones is proof it takes just one-

Let’s spread the message that our drugs are no longer safe- “just for fun”

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