Life is a skill

Every single day It seems I struggle somewhere- having patience, truly understanding and settling in, living without judgement, and being a good friend. Many days I’m lazy, simply tired of working hard, I skip my workouts, I sleep in, I take in extra calories, I’m caving in and tiring to be around!

I make human errors , I double book my time, I skip out on meal , and love the value of mine!

I m not always committed to living a perfect life, but I have learned that having value for things sets my priorities in line!

I want to restart- I want to try- I want to redesign this life- I want to give it a try –again-

This is life.

This is skills.

This is willingness to grow.

This is a resilient path, cause what I do know- we’re not always 100 percent in all areas we value most, but a resilient life is designed when we take the lesson that fits most.

Allow life adversities speak down to our soul, without them, Resiliency we wouldn’t know!

it’s the process you take, the journey you gain, when your willing to take the skill provided from the pain!

What will you do? How will you shift? The design you go is your processing gift!

Your building your skills, your learning to let go, your finding a path that feels right for your soul- You take back a voice, you begin to listen in, you take that step forward and the help you need to begin!

Good luck on this Journey each uniquely shown, it really doesn’t matter the struggle is your own!

People can only commit to move forward from here- when they reach the end of the lesson that is grieving them so dear! – be with your emotions, don’t rush through sadness and overwhelm are hard emotions to take- but I believe it’s what helps us keep our fate.

grow a little further in an area not quite clear, it will come when you decide to press into the fear!

Hang on, and pray and offer support- but remember they must find their skill through, cause that is resilience , its something necessary to be true –

We all need confidence and a good sense of self

We all need to understand a purpose in this life

Love and belonging are essential criteria to a good mental health

We must have reason to contribute as we can, and Hope and enjoyment are detrimental to how we stand!

Resilience comes when we allow are selves time, to understand we can’t always have control and mine!

This is life and it truly is a skill-

No matter the obstacle it’s yours to feel!

Let life be life as it comes our way, let your pain be felt, and let it guide you away!

Support is clearly near, but u must take the lead- you must be willing to try and proceed!

iso please let me ask you this?!

How are you? Are you shifting to a better path? If you feel stuck, be stuck and listen in, its up to you to find your way back- it’s hard, it may hurt but I assure you it’s necessary and it will IMPROVE.

Find something you can offer, outside of you, give to others a tiny bit of time! It’s amazing what giving can do for the soul- it helps us recharge and secretly meet a new goal!

Mental heath week May 7-14

Let’s #Getloud

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