Rejuvenate too!

In a world filled with so much energy Expenditure, it is crucial we all learn an important insight I’m about to promote with you!

I am a helper- I am trained to listen, understand, guide, and more- I am designed to care!

Every single day I am asked to give energy for someone else- and every single day that is what I set out to do! I believe I serve with kindness,willingness and, respectfulness, and often more, I serve for even more than a profession, I serve because I genuinely care about you!

We all need to reach out for support and guidance, and it is crucial to our utmost health to always try and Shift back to our destined path, especially when life becomes too hectic to know the way!

Today I am writing for me. Today I want to share a bit of wealth from the other side,my side, the professional- helper side.

I want to tell you- I too need to revitalize.

I believe in a world of helping- we give so much to another that we forget about the helper. My job is not to “handle it all” but as a leader in a helping profession, my job rather is to triumph away from burn out and offer care to me, as simply as necessary!

I want to simply remind the world that we all must have a chance to rebuild our energy to ensure we can continue at full capacity! I know the world seems full- and the bookings seem scarce, but please know- we are there- we are serving- and we are trying to find balance in time too-

I am a care provider- and in order to care- I must ask that you also care too- remember we are one- remember we too face illness, life, burden and interferences- so let’s remember this today- let’s begin to better understand and value the helper too- and know we are giving to someone, maybe not you, and I am sorry if life seems difficult today for you.

My heart is in my work, its truly what I love to do, but when my energy is gone, I am no good for me or you!

I must take the lead sometimes and ensure I stay healthy- if I am not available please know- I will be shortly, and patience is necessary!

Remember, with every encounter we face In life- we must all respect our space – we must find a way to give equally to balance out the pace- when you learn to be patient, non judgemental too, you then learn to find stillness and better connection will brew!

I am taking care of me as well, I face the same uncertainties, and needs to reach out too!

Let’s reassess our relationships, it may better help you- fit into a world so busy, when resources are so few!

Take some time today to be- still and understand- we all must do are part In Life and give a helping hand!

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