Paper has more patience than People

Before u worry about how to begin, simply turn the cover over, open a new page, and begin settling in!

When we reach to people for powerful responses to why- we simply never find the true reasons! Sometimes we must go inside of ourselves and ask ourselves the same questions- why?! Only after numerous stirrings within the mind, may the answer finally comes alive- it is then you begin to listen in!

No friend or being can answer our internal why- it is within only ourselves to discover the reasons why!

paper is so freeing and therapeutic- the answer usually freely flows out of our soul- into words- to finalize a true why! Once we begin listening in!

Ask your self these simple questions in order to begin seeking answers from within

  • How am I feeling?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • What am I trying to accomplish?
  • What went wrong?
  • What went right?
  • What can I learn about me today?
  • What can I work to change about me?
  • What would I never sacrifice to change about me?
  • What moment do I want to re live- in retrospect?

Now take the time to deepen yourself

  • Describe the details of the pain
  • Describe the details of the love
  • Describe yourself
  • Describe the people in your life
  • describe what you were pleased with in this life, and finally, receive the areas that displease!
  • Describe the moment in this life that left an imprint on your soul

Soul tips to self discovery through writing

  • Write using only one word- any word- it only takes one- and it could lead you somewhere deep it can create memory and experience- and emotion- all simply with one word!
  • Write using an emotion- start with the one that Re appears time and time again- begin here! Let it lead u to your soul- your answers to why- and may it help you understand the value in recognizing an emotion is a souls memory!
  • Write with just one question? One simple question can pose a thousand responses, ask your question and discover your ideals and values in this life!

Dreams are said to be your subconscious way into the heart! Dreams are a journey into the mind with several interpretations that guide! Try writing your memory as soon as you rise- after your description of its memory- take the dream and interpret it a bit deeper- the dream came from you, therefore somewhere deeper within you there is a code- begin writing what u want it to mean, what it potentially could mean! What does this mean- is there a. Opportunity to open yourself up to new emotion? If the dream feels good, allow it, it it feared u, accept it, if it haunted you- learn from it!

Finally, When choosing an approach to a thought, always try the one you’ve never tried before! To grow the soul and discovery pieces about you that you haven’t already explored- it is valuable to practice a new perspective in your words- Shift your mind, Shift your life!

Don’t forget to add an intimate piece of your being- deepen your boundaries and go slow, but deeper in!

  • Writing can help you solve many of your life dislikes- let’s look at body image for a moment?
  • How do you feel right now about you? Are you willingly speaking positively about yourself in general?
  • What do you see as your ideal Me?
  • Are there actions you can take to build that perceived beauty of me?
  • Are you sexually attracted to Me? How does your perception of a relationship with me, satisfy me?
  • Are you allowing vulnerability?
  • Are you sharing your passionate needs outside of me, or you keeping them captive and left unseen?
  • Could you improve “me” by simply working on your own personal needs?
  • Are you being the contribution to an unsatisfied me?
  • Let your soul come alive- and use paper or a blank sleight to really find! The answers to many of our struggles are already there- writing can help bring them higher to the mind! I believe paper is the best therapist as it has all the time and space we need to understand “why.” I challenge you to open up and go inside- I challenge you to question every thought that comes to mind, and I challenge you to create the answer to Why, it’s truly the one your searching for, the one you couldn’t discover outside!

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