We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection- Anais Nin

Hitting the streets on day two in NewYork comes with this exhilarating relief that we in fact are alive and loving the enjoyment of this life!

The only thought on each of our minds were coffee/ tea and more importantly, something to eat!

Despite the Surroundings of every flavour of food, we chose in that time to grab a hotdog from the stand and chill on a window ledge – to take in the experience of Busy New York, Time Square!

It was only a brief moment of sitting mindful in that day when I noticed a young artist placing his canvas pieces cautiously to the ground, hoping to sell a few, obviously his financial line!

I felt compelled to him in someway and wanted in on his story! It wasn’t too far into conversation that I learned how he arrived to find his passion for art, it was his medicine in this life!

Joseph had been an heroin addict living on the streets of New York! ! From the age of 18 he hit heavy into drugs and got lost for 7 years, when something occurred and it was his time to redesign!

He admits his story is still fresh, but believes the past 14 months consumed by art has led him through!

Art was his lifeline! He has a tiny space now, his own home, in which he now works hard colouring canvas to survive!

We chatted about living out there and his lesson he shared was about the homeless life!

“Those that are asking don’t Need. It’s the ones who are silent who need the most. “

Bagging is a way of life for some, but the sadness and dying life is amongst those quiet soles without the courage to speak, without the energy left to try!

It’s them we must listen to, its them that truly need our help!

Joseph may have been the silent guy! His story is still untold but our imaginations can only question his why! He was alive, and doing his life! Every single day he’s showing up, and giving it a try!

I bought a treasure from joseph because I believe he’s working hard to love back his life!

The street dog was small, not a gourmet feast but the life experience in that moment is why god had us chose this!

There’s something in every moment, when your open to letting life in!

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