Bathing suits -what? For me

And, despite my rolls, thighs, ugly veins- I feel sexy!

How many of us woman wanna rip at the noise of beach day? How many heads fills with tension or strain, how many lives are  defeated before we even make our way?

Not this time little mind- I found a way to beat the negative tide!

I am heavy but not cause I don’t try! I do- cautiously, I do, Day after day- and at the end of the week the success scale does nothing!

Im taking back my life today- I’m breaking Free of all this jiber talk and I’m gonna try just being me!

In my mind I have a sexy personality! I love to laugh, be free to live loudly, but more so I love to set other people free, from the boundaries of the negativity! This summer I’m going to set the scene and I believe it starts with confidence within me!

Heres to summer parties, tan lines and the freedom to enjoy the heat of summer- just as YOU please!

the tips I can offer to early summer bathing Suite shopping!

1. Saskatoon midtown- has my previous go to- at swimco? For just 169.00 u can by yourself a bra like structure, and for 85.00 more – you have my lady friends – a true score!


2. Head on over to Via la Rose- and the glorious store has endless MIX MATCH option galore!

3.  The true key however is finding a store that covers your behind, better than before! Yes ladies the suites seem to truly cover the essentials u cannot simply wish away! The coverage flows beautifully and woola- suddenly you find three!

Summers here- splurge a little if you will- I paid 250 for my suites x4- and also got me a free towel that I secretly craved the reward of spending more!

4. my final tip for bathing suite day, is to put away the thoughts of insecurity- enjoy the festivities that are far more than any bathing suit drawer!

Oh one last tip – as a mom of three- buy something fitting and flattering, for the right scene!

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