Confidence exercise

With every new life opportunity, it clearly helps when you display confidence, in replacement to insecurity! I want to offer a post on building your self confidence- a crucial life skill that can help you do anything you desire, with admiration!

Firstly, grab a tool and let’s start with writing freely about ourselves!

Describe five things your sincerely proud of! Write as if no one but you will review your note, then when your ready, practice reading aloud, or more, share your tributes with others!

I am proud of my career- I work Monday to Friday as a Nurse Practitioner! If you are unaware of what this role is, I challenge you to learn! We offer an asset to our current health care system in the way we approach medicine and nursing all together as one! My career path began at the young age of 17 and it has built stronger from there! This alone makes me proud! I was able to persevere through teenage life in order to study, apply myself and more, succeed in the success of a degree, and more a post degree!

The second pride lies in my confidence to fit fitness leadership in! I am a wife, and a mother of three, and so as most of you know, time is precious, but despite the balance of everyday living, I fit in time to teach group fitness classes, and offer unique workouts for all to remember and enjoy through the struggle of staying fit day after day!

I am proud of my strength – I am resilient and strong, a skill that came with struggle and pain, but the way I have worked my way through the difficult moments in life, are much of my positivity that survives today!

I am proud of my courage to have a crucial conversation, although difficult, to has taught me the value to talk and listen rather than avoid and live silently in strain!

Finally, I am proud of the way I support my children and their strengths! My husband and I would be the first to admit all three of my children have significant defaults, but despite their limitations, we have really learned to truly play on their strengths! We are a supportive family who continuously work together to better our connection, and more, work on ourselves in times of strain, in how we relax, reflect and respond! We are always learning, and growing!

What are the five best things about you?

1. I am strong

2. I am a devils advocate

3. I am willing to practice perspective

4. I am creative

5. I am humorous and fun!

I am confident, I am beautiful and I am successful!

The key to life, and the key to confidence is to Remember your strengths, remember who you are, and be proud of yourself! It’s healthy to see your worth, and to do so, every single day!

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