A starving reality

It’s 5:49pm and I am sitting down to the pleasure of a prepared meal, about to indulge in a healthy way, the small healthy proportion staring back at me! I’m cautious about the amount, (which causes slight anxiety), but I try! I am eating better! I am focused on portions, and I am in full control!

The plate slowly lessons, the anxiety slowly heightens- until suddenly I am left with none.

But I’m still hungry. I am not completely satisfied- I want more, I need more- I am having more.

Dissatisfied, I refuel my supply, and eat quickly, guiltily at my lack of ability to comply!

It’s over, and I am done. I remain dissatisfied but It is time, to process the minutes leading up to right now! I did it again-

Guilt and negativity clutters my mind, and I am dissatisfied- despite the wonderful experience of food and flavour I just mystified!

It is here we play down our will power, we create disappointment in our control- I am not strong enough to let go of food control!

So I’m writing today to clarify awareness that there’s simply more to it then self control!

Higher appetite days exist and these are a natural piece of our biological design- and it is frustrating, but it also has a correlation that we are woman and follow a cycle of time!

So what is it then that increases our appetite and leaves us left completely anxious for more? Ghrelin!!!!! High estradiol helps our hunger satisfaction but the day away from ovulation dips estrogen, leaving us “crazy for more!” As does menopause and the change in our hormone cycle!

How the hell then do we compensate for the higher ghrelin level in order to survive the time we feel we have poor discipline and self control? We learn to let it go!

Recognize the rhythm of our body’s cycle and learn to identify times when things simply are not “right”, and learn to accept the idea that they are exactly right, but not the right you want to fight!

It’s you! It’s normal, it’s okay, it’s not a lack of being strong or having poor self control- it’s your system and it’s hormonally normal!

Many of us fight the idea we are weak but let’s look at it with a new perspective, let’s accept what is, and let’s let it teach us to accept ourselves as a whole and learn to give in, and balance the control!

We have an abundance of change in our female lives and we must learn to understand that we are made to change- and transition once more!

Estrogen is a big part of our food satisfaction! The greater the estrogen – the greater the satisfaction!

The first part of our cycle (day one of a period) we are in a follicular phase and during this initial stage we build good estrogen supply- up until the time we ovulate and our estrogen dips- leaving our estrogen to lower- leaving us hungrier and at a feeling for loss of good portion control!

Estrogen decreases ghrelin production (satiety hormone) therefore when that luteal phase arises so does the spike in ghrelin production- telling your brain- feed me – you weak woman I’m crazy hungry!

So how do we learn to stop listening to too much ghrelin? We learn to recognize and understand it’, we learn to balance it, and we learn to work oround our design to manage it!

Have good food choices available and accept hunger is a part of our life Design! Be aware and thus, be prepared!

You will need the healthy grabs available to compensate the craving and mind control of ghrelin hormone!

Slow down- Now I am well aware I am no good at eating slow- with a tendency to fixate on other people and the home- I am guilty of rushing and moving on!

Move more- add in some physical activity and help balance the nourishment of life!

Reconfirm your night flashes are a sign there’s more! Its not a matter of lack of self discipline but bigger as a whole!

We are a complex array of hunger hormones that essentially activate and deactivate – and this is just two of several more- that we must learn to explore!

Take time to accept your cues- but work through the transition with the approach you chose! Learn to talk kindly again, and be okay with your transitions my friend!

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