Active, Artsy, & Awesome

I have been dreaming of my dream life far to long, and yet, I am somewhere still far from my souls desire!

I am forever dreaming of more, and that’s the thing, my soul is constantly searching for new initiatives, challenges, and more, an opportunity to explore!

I adore life outside of the norm! I get lost somewhere in and amongst routine that I forget about my souls need to live a little more! Today, I am going forth with scheduling life in, back to my passion to discover my true life’s rhythm!

Yesterday was a great day to compromise the simple life! I discovered time to just be, a true necessity to re grounding the foundation to 2018! Do I want to send wow butter and jam- yet again? Fruit and bar, why not- I’ve done it this far! I am an awesome mom, and I know my capability-so why must I settle for simplicity, when I know I am a Pinterest away from spicing up life for someone else! We get stuck in routine, and without opportunity to break free, we fall into rhythm, without a beat!

Take a few minutes and find quiet today- go over Pinterest for lunch and afternoon kid snacks, because the truth of my research yesterday, I discovered meals didn’t have to be so monetary!

(Small Doritos bags are soon to come- taco in a bag- anyone)?

(Mini kabobs- banana and jelly hot dogs) yes please for more, it was so fun to explore!

Aside from lunches, what else did I do? I took sometime to be alone! My rhythm began, to my own personal beat, and so I dreamed of my own artsy retreat! Activity and art are both necessity, so again I found time for self discovery ! My dream life includes my own Shift shop and taking time for awesome inspired me to thought! Active and artsy and awesome arose, and soon I discovered the beat my heart chose!

I scheduled a new class in, fitness need not stop, it’s where I release creativity, and discovery my own hearts hop.

I am moving my dreams closer to come- one action must happen to beat to my own drum!

Recognize your heart and soul, let it speak to you and guide you to whole! The year of busy can patiently wait, you first must find time to recreate!

Simplicity is good but sometimes we want more, we must listen to heart and learn to explore! I’m ready for new, and know action must do, to live a life of abundance , and discover all things new!

Enjoy your way back, but take time to pause, listen to your awesome and take initiative to cause!

Create the life you long and start dancing to your personal song!

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