The weight of letting Go

What? Today? Family photos again?! Mommmmmmmm, why” and thus it all begins…

“We have a perfect opportunity for today, the leaves have changed, we all have time, it’s a tad bit chilly, but we ll survive! ”

Mom goes and collects some clothes and lay them each their way, let’s coordinate a family fun day!

” I hate this shirt, ” “how about this” “I want to wear the pink ” “those pants don’t even fit” “don’t brush it, just leave the hair in kink”

The simple act of family time soon becomes a mess, all simply due to the idea of getting dressed!

“Just put it on for mommy” he says, let’s cooperate today, once we finish up our pictures we ll get a snack as pay!

“I want a potato head” says the littlest one, “okay if your good”, “Am I being good mommy,” reward misunderstood!

Let’s just all take our places, do what mommy asks- “I’m scared of heights I wonder, I’m not doing that”.

Just for a few seconds it won’t last too long, all the angry faces and with a cranky angry song!

“Why must it feel this way, I simply want a task” one family picture is really all I ask!

“It’s freezing, I’m scared, I want a potato nose” all in coordination to really lack a pose!

We’re simply ready to just quit, we’ve had it for the day, nothing ever simply works Defiance everyday.

Something changes, for a moment, we unload the car again, one simple family picture is collected yet again!

Every year I try to make A candid family pic, every year we struggle, but somehow a collected moment fits!

Nothing worth having comes easy they say, a simple life lesson for each and every day!

We practiced patience and understanding, expectation and letting go, we learned bribery didn’t do it, we must learn to go with the flow!

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