Career, family, & Social life

I’m annoyed, almost every single day that I feel so “busy” and I barely begin my day! Its’ 6:30, and Im awake, and only for a moment as soon the house shakes.

I take my seat, and Open my book, It’s a moment of silence I bag to hook.

A few minutes in, my coffee in lap, and sounds of tiny footprints, hit the floor mat.

My child is up, and all I can say, Im annoyed already, and yet it’s a new day.

Remember, the breaths, it will calm your mind, remember these moments, there short lived in time.

Soon the entire house is awake, and I must proceed to prepare for the oncoming work day!

Caos sets in, and soon it begins, I’m ready for work, as the school day begins!

My first patient is here, and so I move on, the focus of change, a professional upon.

I do my best to take care of my day, one client after another, to coach health their way.

Day after day, the unexpected awaits, a sick patient is here, and the day, creates.  Medicine schedule is an unsure slope, prioritizing and helping, but please take a moment, as to cope.

Finally Professional gets set aside for the day, and on to my children, for “Im hungry they say”

Supper, and sports, and life through the chores, we carry on specifically until we can give no more.

I want to lay down, and take life as it comes, but I know it’s’ impossible, as I’m just not done.   I must complete my tasks each and every day, I must find a way, to make a friend connection today!   Facebook seems fair, it simply fits, I adore a few minutes, of scrolling for shits.

Over and over, for four days more, we balance a career and life some more.   Friday has come, and the weekend begins, we try to relax and connect once again.  Perhaps this weekend, we can make time for some friends, but who knows,  whats’ gonna take for the win! A parent truly learns the balance of juggles, through tears, and real life, true family struggles.

I love my career, I love what It gives, I love my family, and all that exists.  I know that its’ hard, life’s a balance act, one that comes simply without any knack.  Sometimes you can, and other times not, sometimes you’re good, and sometimes “you forgot”.  A career and A social life, are sometimes as one, its what you make of both, where you have all the fun!  Put your heart into your career, it can forever change your path, it can lead you to a simple idea of satisfaction at last!

So to all those friends working to find it all- know that life success comes from the haul- keep moving forward and find your way through – because the craze tomorrow could move you!

Who knows what’s sets in our way, so for now live out each and everyday!

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