Hygge (Hue- gah) : the art of creating intimacy

Fall is a fresh time to Shift Your Life Design!

Hygge- is a Danish practice of setting calmness in time, and enjoying the little moments that ease the mind!

For those who struggle with clutter and find a hard time amongst your space to calm the mind, Hygge practice might be for you!

It is not an expensive practice, in fact it is free, it is easy, and it is a mindfulness practice that sets your scene to be perfectly present in the comfort of your surroundings you achieve!

Hygge does require your conscious mind! It suggests the mind slows its pace down to engage fully in your surroundings! It can be designed to work with you alone, with your friends or family- or simply within your home!

The idea is simple- yet many of us find it hard to strategize simplicity- and the main idea is to create a sense of coziness! Coziness is a calming sensation filled with simple happy, familiarity and charm!

Each of us will practice Hygge uniquely and experience it diversely! It truly is an effective means to replace boredom with peace!

It really takes little to create serenity, and beauty in which your surrounded by, with a tiny little declutter , and perhaps a candlelight flicker, you too can create Hygge to take you comfortably into the upcoming extension of dark nights!

Perhaps you can extend your space into a small ritual practice of brewing some tea, tidying a space meant specially for “me”, reading a book, in cozy fun socks, or sitting by a fire, with marshmallows or what not! Who knows what Hygge you’ ll create , as long as it’s offering serenity and happiness is in the


It’s more than mindfulness, decluttering or minimalism at steak- it’s really creating a inviting experience that you will take a way!

Find peace with cold nights soon to come, holding you hostage to feel restless and undone! Hygge always seems to help me pass the season, it gives me permission to calmly enjoy me time within reason!

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