A gift of a lifetime

If you could give your children 5 gifts that they can carry throughout their lives, what would they be?

The first gift I would give them is the ability to SMILE (A positive perspective and happiness); Smiling and happiness are essential skills to learn, especially during times of difficulty!  Seeing the positive side of life, is a crucial skill, that can help a child remain positive in themselves, even through adversity.

The second gift I want to give my children: is the ability to find harmony in this craze of life.  More and more demands are placed on our lives to succeed, with greater good.  We are made to “ use our time wisely and effectively” which has us driven toward a “DO more” in this life, approach.  I know that relaxation now a days is a skill we often use less and less, and I want to remind my children the value of living a HYGGE lifestyle, with a mindful watch on living life in balance, of mind, body, and spirit.  To allow time for boredom, and relaxation!

This brings me to the third gift I want to offer my children: the skill of Inhalation.    Taking deep breathes is a natural remedy that can calm both our hearts and racing minds.  It can allow us time to internalize ideas, and to just be, alive in this moment in time, to know that we are okay, in this moment, and are anxieties and struggles, are not who we are. 

The forth gift, is one that I have struggled a lot with in my own life, and believe that is why, it is a focus of a life gift: the ability to Focus on what it is you want to achieve.   We can become so engaged in something, without realizing we are so far off our parallel path, to our destined path.  I want to instill focus into my children, so they can clearly identify their own life goals, and visions for their future.  Giving them a broad focus, can allow them to recognize the small steps they must take to get them closer to their soul’s desire.  Focus also gives my children the ability to look within, and focus on what they wish to achieve, and narrowing down a plan, utilizing the strengths they already harbor deep within.  Find your ‘individual strengths’ and focus on how to use these to get you closer to what you wish to achieve. 

The fifth and final life gift I hope can rest within each of my kids, is the ability to Try.  Life is a journey of uncertainty, and the best opportunities often reside in what we have not already discovered about what we love and need in this life.  TRY all things new, as they come your way, and your life will be filled with an abundance of potential and opportunity!

The ability to SHIFT our life design, is crucial to enhance the living of life we have.   We have the ability to create any possibility in this life, and I believe if I could gift these essentials to my children, to their friends, and to the friends of their friends too, the world could be filled with a collective of positivity, to adapt, grow, and live this life through!

Take a moment now, what gifts do you wish to instill in children surrounding YOU? Leave a comment, and share the positive skills you hope to instill!


 lifetime gift.jpg

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