Birthday gratitude

Hello to everyone of you who take a few moments to read these tiny messages that may, help in a small way to shift your life today!

I woke up surrounded by love this morning! Actually I woke at 3 am, and it took a lot for me not to wake for the day- and here’s what had me excited!

I was lent a book from a friend, who thought “just maybe” it would be one that would settle me in! Within one page I was hooked and I’m eager now to comply to the end!

My husband awoke me, holding my favourite – a coffee with cream- a simplicity – but yet so much more, a novelty!

Oaklyn arrived first, she crawled in to lay along side of me, breathing softly, and whispering I love you mommy!

Kalayha came shortly behind- excited because it was moms birthday time! Her energy spilled in and soon it was an entire household ready to celebrate with me- cause it’s my birthday!

Ashur, joined us next- excited to pass a small gift- proud of the secret he did not give away!

Then came this……A morning breakfast bliss!

So many lovely gifts all before leaving home- from mom, Aunty, gramma, and the loves living within my home!

Let me touch on the messages that began piling in “all in which began way before 6 am!”

What’s next I thought –already feeling so greatful for everyone and then – came a friend with pumpkin spice latte and a warm scone!

All the little things truly have made my day- all cause it’s my birthday-

Gratitude for everything, and a reach out to another is truly what matters!

Thank you to my readers, family and friends, for taking this path to shift my heart in, your outrageous pour of wishes has my heart simply adored!

Cheers to other libras out there celebrating your birthday! May today bring gratitude toward all the small things -they truly are what matter!

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