Content in simplicity

Shopping, walks, a wine at dinner time, hot tub, a book store- need I say more?

I had a wonderful plan to take this trip all in- to learn but more to have time to explore! A chill occurred and soon body aches, wait what is this, there’s no time for sickness today!

Off to the hotel to rest off the chills- soon I’d be okay- there’s box stores and deals!

I found a break in illness as I lay, so I decided To push through and try shopping for the day- after an hour or two I had nothing left- I soon found myself wandering back!

In for the night at five after six – Tylenol, and tub, soon this will shift! After a full night of not feeling okay- I managed to scrape myself into the conference anyway!

I have been slowed but have trouble to stop- there’s places to go I wanted to shop.

I wrapped up the conference after day one- it went well – a full learning day done!

I made my way out again, into the street, and suddenly I was awake and experiencing something neat! The noises of trains, a local trying to find something to eat, pitter patter of running, the sounds of late feet! Through laughter and yelling, and sounds of construction ahead- i knew it was an opportunity brought to me instead!

The crisp warm breeze was everything I’d need, so i walked a bit slower and payed focus a little closer!

The smells of cool air crossed through my senses, the sights of busy people reflected in presence- I am here and I am fully aware- and for this I felt I must share! I am alive, and I have some time, I can slow down, and do nothing this time. Wow is that ever something new for me- and with that I felt different – content in simplicity! I am alone, and I am alright- I am richer with this moment in sight- today I will take the day just as it comes- no further expectation- as I learned to have none! Change is not easy but if your open to see, there’s beauty and life and possibility!

Today is day two- I’m waking up feeling a little more renewed, I will take it as it comes, and be still as I need to!

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