Failures and challenges build your to-do list

My opportunity had arrived, and I took the chance to Try! I have been dabbling in photography since I was 9 and felt by now, perhaps I could try to come alive! Over the weekend I dove into Santa photos,for a community outside of home, as an opportunity to shift my life design! I always wanted to blossom my photography so I took the challenge on, and made it my mission to learn a little more into the real world of photography indoor! I was already nervous in reaching past my comfort zone, as I’m familiar with portrait and outdoor photography alone! Not so much indoor, not mini sessions galore, and not used to taking images and printing on site! Today I explore how simple pleasures can be taken away with technological factors. Today I learn that photography is fun to explore but oh so much more! I learned that you simply don’t know what you don’t know until you know!

Friday had come and it was time to set up for the weekend of fun! The van was loaded down with Christmas props- and backdrops- all for the new experience of indoor mini shots!

Then, the excitement all started to fade as I began the adventure of set up that day! How do I open the stand for the backdrop? How does this backdrop stay straight? How high should I put this?! Oh gosh how’s the lighting on stage?! Soon my thoughts were cluttering up- Where is JON? I’m in panic mode already all with something simple as the backdrop!

With some deep breaths I reminded myself that I have what it takes, nothing comes easy for goodness sakes!

Indoor photography- do I have what i need? I’m starting to doubt myself- as time is taking the lead! My first shoot begins just after two, I only have an hour to work my way through! Creating an indoor winter theme- is not just easy- what can I do to make things less cheesy?!

Simplicity is the answer to creating a scene but wait, what do I do to work in new theme?! Taking images indoors is not like outside no free standing spaces to use as background!

There’s just something missing from this “created winter theme- ” snow is crucial to winter wonderlands- Wait – I know, I have bags of marshmallows on hand!

There, I nailed it- I have what it takes- my scene is ready for my first mini takes!

Just from set up- I learned a lot -lighting, backgrounds, scene set up and what not!

As I was setting up my next ponder arrived, how Are six people going to fit in and jive? I can’t stress now- cause soon they would come- we have to make do and create illusion of fun!

So here’s are my tips From the actual photo shoot-

– Marshmallows our sticky
-Families our large

– external flashes need power to survive

– move here- smile- you must take charge- have poses in mind if u wanna survive!

– I’m looking to create several scene pics- all with a unique family twist!

-No two families behave in the same – some let loose and some mundane!

Then come the Santa photos – my day must move on, time to learn print on site – what could go wrong? Year after year the printer idea just works- why not today thou this is Bazurk! It must be the Sd cards I bought them on sale- so off to the Source two new cards -“let’s hope that works! “No image on media” again flashes again- what the hell do we do now/ the photos Must begin!

Santa and Mrs Claus sit patient that day- as kids and families align the hallway!

Let’s just take pics- we ll print when we’re done- so let’s change the way business is done!

We adjusted our process and made the day move on- it wasn’t so fun with the problem still unresolved!

Finally Santa day is completed day one- off to the kiosk to print off the fun! “No images on media” again flashed our way- and soon panic set in again today! I don’t know what more can be done- it’s late and I’m headed home- I m just done!

Shooting in Raw interferes with instant print – who knew? Now to convert and move past the to do! I managed to sort out the conversion to print- finally Santa photos in hand and it’s 1 am!

I’m going to bed- as day two will come fast – there’s not many hours for chillin and relax!

A photo shoot is work you’re up and you’re down you’re creating and posing, your spinning around!

My first day was hell but I learned a lot in one day- I’ve shifted a lot and made room for new ways!

Then it arrived- it’s 7 am- Again- I’m ready to go- to take on new flow!

I’m shooting in JPEG as I need less stress in the day- so refueled with sd cards and off to something new!
But guess what I did in yesterday’s caos of the day- I forgot my Nikon charger so battery might give!

I drove in early to charge the camera in time- let’s let the adventures of a new day shine!

Five mini sessions and 250 Santa day memories were made- my weekend is over and I feel maybe I’m not fit for this trade!

A little rest was crucial it did me some good- now for editing – oh how should?

Photoshop has been a part of my past but despite three courses I still feel that I’m lost! I am taking my time and learning to be okay -not knowing ain’t easy -but hey everything starts with a dream! I’ve jumped in and “have to learn it this time” – there’s no time like today to practice and blur lines!

Next comes my final learning opportunity I can’t pass- how do I get the images to my clients at last?’

Photography is not easy it’s definitely a trade- please learn from me the hidden mistakes that I have made ! In order to grow you must take on the risk- soon your don’t knows builds into a list!

The smiles and laughter reminded me of why – I took this challenge to grow my self- I needed to try!

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