Dashing into something new – it’s how you discover yourself just a tad bit more!

Christmas time is a time of giving- and more- appreciating the small things in our lives that make the most impact!

I have three children, two of which are currently enrolled in elementary at Central Park! Every year, at Christmas time, the school staff and several community residents and volunteers offer time, and donation to help develop an annual Christmas store for the students to shop for their loved ones!

This year, my daughter in grade one, found a gift she felt was absolutely perfect for me, and with her quarter in hand she made the purchase, and the wonderful volunteers helped the students see their gifts to wrap! Numerous times, Kalayha came to me,gleaming with excitement over the gift she could hardly wait to share!

Finally Christmas morning arrived and it was time to open the package, to discover a wonderful opportunity inside!

My daughter bought me a Christmas novel, and just knew how perfect it would be over the Christmas season!

Lately I haven’t had tons of Novel reading motivation but I knew this gift meant it was time to settle in a little deeper, into the world of imagination and relaxation!

I found a few minutes over the course of Christmas Day, and found myself relaxing in for a quick chapter that soon turned into two and then, again a few more! This novel had me drawn in, and I was hooked!

I finished this fun little story and I couldn’t help but share the opportunity it presented for me! My daughter helped me discover something new, something I didn’t know how much I would enjoy, until the opportunity presented itself for me to read a simple romantic novel!

That’s just it! I talk about shifting our minds frequently but am fully aware that we often get stuck in pattern of familiarity! Today my daughter reinstalled an opportunity to discover more about me I didn’t quite know! Next time something comes your way? And you simply do not know, withhold your judgement, and allow yourself the freedom to discover just a little more about yourself- who knows what doors will open when you take that step forward and try and learn a little bit more!

Happy holidays, and cheers to a wonderful year of transition yet to come! It’s your year to smile, harmonize, inhale, focus and try!

Love from Tara

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