Trapped inside a snow glob

This morning, as I was carrying on about my normal “Declutter the backpack” routine, I found a little booklet of writings, that caught my attention! My son loves to draw, but here were a few writings, so I took a few minutes with his collection and read through! After a good flip through, I again found myself back to this piece – If I were trapped inside of a snow globe… something about his words resignated with me, but none the less, I carried on, dumping the booklet into the recycle bin and carried on!

It wasn’t until I was sitting with a young girl that all of a sudden the analogy came to me! A young lady came in today, struggling this past three years with unmanaged anxiety and depression! Her life seems to be yo-yoing back and forth, and she simply isn’t breaking free!

As we sat talking, and building a trusting relationship, this story just sorta rolled out of me! I believe it was meant to be seen today- to help someone else understand mental health a little more clearly in a way she could relate in some way!

You see, for those living with an anxiety disorder, staying extremely comfortable becomes a feeling of necessity- any change to routine, any risk of rejection, or worse, any chance at failure, can send someone with anxiety into a panic state- panic can then spiral into hopelessness and a mental breakdown!

What happens to us as people, when we stay in one place? What happens when we get comfortable and avoid learning to deal with change? What happens is we stop living with intention, and we get lost in despair along the way!

Eventually we will have to break free and face the realistic challenges along the way! When we don’t, we become snowmen, who eventually melt or blow away!

Social isolation can feel safe And familiar , but more, it begins to feel lonely which leads to further difficulty once more!

Sometimes a little time in isolation can feed the soul, it can give us time to think, dream or free our soul-

what happens thou if we stay there too long? eventually anticipation heightens and we use the sticks , or what ever it takes to break our safety glass!

So today, consider this message , written by my eight year old son! A globe can feel safe, secure, fun and fulfilling but eventually you will feel suffocation, and you will need to find your way to break free-

( or …. give up, take his clothes and experience the globe with a slight variability)

I left this with a young girl today: a snow globe eventually loses its beauty, sometimes the water seeps way, leaving a lifeless shelf decoration! Use your strengths, be creative, but please, break open slightly, it will change everything, you wait and see! Life is meant to have challenges, we are destined to feel fear, without these things we will never grow and reach deeper into our true soul!

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