Practical clutter strategies

What offers you peace of mind?! I’m going to take you into a bit of my personal space today and share about why I am moving closer in to shifting my space as a way to calm my mind!

Let’s start with understanding how such a word can change the way we feel. What was your initial sensation after reading that term? My stomach sorta tightens and my breathing quickens too- it’s crazy how a simple act of reading something creates a natural reaction deep inside.

So what happens to you when you walk into a space that is cluttered? The reality, is we are impacted internally! We feel a sense of tightness and frustration, tingly or tightness, which is often a reflection of anxiety or overwhelm about something.

Why then do we allow our spaces to become consumed this way?!

There really is no Answer to why- basically for many of us- life gets in the way, we act lazy, and soon, our space is overtaken in such a way that a cluttered life takes shape.

From time to time, we must self assess what’s consuming our space.

ask yourself-

what is happening

What are your thoughts /beliefs

Scale your clutter

Scale your thoughts about this clutter

Is your reaction to clutter affecting you?

What can’t I control?

What do I have control over?

What steps can I take

What information or supplies would I need?

What support do I need

Now – review the steps it would take to declutter your life?

What are the hardest steps/medium/ easiest?

It takes tons of energy to change something that is cluttering up space. It is a common to live with the discomfort of clutter, but what if you try a proactive force? What could that feel like?’

Analyzing unnecessary weight In our lives is crucial for everyday happiness. If you notice situations that ache you emotionally, perhaps it’s time to dive through it. That anxiety is a symbolic sense that there is an urgency for action! When we start to listen in, you will understand your current state and recognize it is time to settle down the anxieties in our minds!

Those sensations are the body’s natural alarm system. It signals discomfort and represents a situation you may need to act upon. Think about a space in your home right now that causes you a bit of burden. I attached a picture of my food pantry- in its healthiest state. For me, this space quickly spirals out of control and for me, it effects my natural flow. Every time I walk away from a space that is cluttered, I am left slightly distressed.

The main focus of this post today is to encourage you to recognize clutter amongst your everyday whether it be a job waiting for you, a collection of to dos, stressful people impacting you, or whatever clutter you chose, it is important to learn practical strategies to shift your life through. Not only will cleaning up clutter improve you physically, but emotionally, cognitively and socially too!

Being that it’s nearing the end of January, I always like to do a self assessment of clutter I’m holding on too

Let’s start with my physical space-

— I am struggling with too many clothes, difficulty keeping my clothes organized, and difficulty keeping track of some of my favourite things.

— my home office feels busy, and having to show our house from time to time it is difficult to feel good about this space (our house is for sale)

—- my kids are having a hard time keeping their spaces clean

— we have an abundance of outdoor wear

— my laundry system isn’t that effective

— I have too many bowls and food containers

—my food cupboard clutters and overfills quickly (not to mention I often lose track of foods that are opened)

-2. have a lot of dreams but don’t know where to start

– I have too many things on the go

– financial stressors, in which I would like to make budgeting a priority too,

– I want to be an entrepreneur

– I thrive to learn new things, and fitting it in is difficult if I don’t prioritize my life.

At the start of a year, it’s valuable to assess your personal clutter. Find the courage to move into issues and begin to assess what is taking up space, so you can then begin to prioritize your space and let things go.

The act of letting go is a crucial step to decluttering our lives, whether it be physical space or emotional space! We must realize that allowing unnecessary issues, and Paper waste live in our minds will eventually clutter up and fulfill our lives.

Take a step today- one small change can impact you in a big way!

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